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Where and How To Shop Eco-Friendly in Boise and the Treasure Valley

Last updated July 13, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

In 2023 let’s all join together to better our community and protect our planet. Boise recently announced its goal to be completely carbon neutral by 2050, with the community of Boise expected to be powered by 100% clean energy by 2035. There are many actions we can take as residents of the City of Trees to further promote a clean and sustainable method of living before then. By reducing everyday use of paper, plastic, aluminum, and other harvested or single-use products we can decrease pollution and the rapid use of natural resources.

Keep reading to learn how to live green in Boise!

Sustainable Shopping in Boise

  • Shop for new clothes, furniture, and home needs at consignment or thrift shops
    • Piece Unique - Downtown Boise
    • Again Consignment - Eagle
    • ReStyle Thrift Store - Boise Bench
    • Repeat Boutique - Boise Bench
    • Ricochet Home Consignment - Garden City
    • Reclaimed Interiors and Fine Home Consignment - Eagle
    • Reuseum - Garden City
    • Second Avenue - Eagle
    • Cherry’s Consignment Home Furnishings - Meridian
    • Second Chance Building Materials Center - Downtown Boise
    • Body Parts Jewelry - Boise or order online
    • Boise Flea Market - 31st and State St. On the second Sunday of each month April through October.
    • Thriftology
    • ReStyle
    • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
    • Uptown Cheapskate
    • Plato's Closet
    • Runway Fashion Exchange
    • The Recycled Room
    • New 2 You
    • Kidz Again
    • Junkyard Jeans
    • The Thrifty Owl
    • Boise Vintage
    • Enchanting Objects
    • State Street Antiques
    • Forget-Me-Not Antiques
    • Antique World Mall and The Annex
Piece Unique, a local thrift shop in the Treasure Valley
  • Shop bulk to cut container waste production
    • Roots Zero Waste Market
    • Winco
    • Boise Co-op
    • Natural Grocers
  • Shop outdoor gear at these outdoor consignment shops
    • Eco Lounge
    • The Outdoor Exchange
    • Play It Again Sports
    • Boise Bicycle Project
  • Shop Local Farmer’s Markets
    • Boise Farmers Market
    • 34th Street Market
    • Capital City Public Market

Read the article all about the Treasure Valleys farmer’s markets!

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B-Corp Certified Businesses in Boise

In a global effort to educate consumers about the company’s practices, the B-Corp certification has been established. Companies with this certification are committed to being held to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency into how they accomplish this, and legal accountability for any actions. The mission is to also work towards reducing inequality, lowering poverty, creating a stronger environment, strong communities, and quality jobs to further empower the people who work with and for the B-Corp certified companies.

Check out these B-Corp certified companies in Idaho:

  • Lost Grove Brewing
  • Eco2librium
  • Lovevery
  • Figure 8 Investment Strategies
  • indieDwell Inc
  • Saalt, LLC
  • Warm Springs Consulting
  • Flynner Design + Build
  • Prosperity Organic Foods, Inc.
  • Treefort Music Festival
  • Jitasa
  • The Caprock Group
Treefort Music Festival, B-Corp Certified Business in Boise

Easy Eco-Friendly Practices

Living a more “green” life isn’t as hard as one may think. With some intentional research and real-life changes, you can make sustainable changes that will better aid in the health of our planet and people. These practices will mean that more wild spaces can stay wild and that less waste will be produced. Here are some easy changes that can be made in any household

  • Research the positive impact on nature and your body with vegetarian or vegan diets
  • Source meat, dairy, and eggs from local ranchers and farmers working to create sustainable consumption for future generations.
  • Shop with re-useable grocery and produce bags, you can pick them up at most grocery stores in the valley!
  • Consider adding your bike, skates, or non-motorized vehicles into your frequent form of travel
  • Use public transit with Valley Transit
  • Purchase Cloth diapers for your children.
  • House audit
    • Place window covers on windows hit by the sun to decrease the heat your house absorbs
    • Check your homes insulation efficiency
    • Idaho Power Energy Audit
    • If you are a homeowner, research if solar panels are a viable alternative power source for your home
  • Read the City of Boise’s full Carbon Neutral Road Map here

Going Plastic Free in Boise

Last year, the City of Boise challenged the community to take the plastic-free challenge. You can adapt your pledge to reflect how much real change you can make in the month, and prompts you to really challenge yourself. These changes can be things like no longer using plastic grocery bags, straws, take-out containers, or single-use products like k-cups and water bottles. Every day, more sustainable options are being produced, making this challenge easy to keep up for years to come.




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