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Boise’s Newest Environmental Nonprofit: Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Last updated July 01, 2021 by Dani Hansen

Totally Boise is giving you the scoop on the newest nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable development of the Treasure Valley's urban forest - Treasure Valley Canopy Network. One of Boise’s most well-known and cherished features are the trees that provide beauty, shade, wildlife habitat, clean air, and many other environmental assets.

The Treasure Valley Canopy Network fulfills its mission by partnering with the City of Boise and Council President Elaine Clegg to support the City of Trees Challenge. Together with the residents of Boise, we will plant one urban tree within the city for every household plus one forest seedling in an Idaho forest for every resident by 2030. The Challenge provides every resident the opportunity to act and help build a more resilient future for our environment and all Boiseans. The Canopy Network and Council President Clegg will be launching the Challenge nationwide in Summer 2021!

Despite their new nonprofit status, the Canopy Network has been growing and enhancing our environment in the Treasure Valley since 2013. With a vision of improving our region’s urban forest, the Idaho Department of Lands approached Lance Davisson, owner of The Keystone Concept, to create the Canopy Network almost ten years ago. Today, Lance works with over a dozen public, private, and non-profit organizations to continue to make the Canopy Network vision a reality.


The Canopy Network tackles urban forests from all angles.

Working together with multiple community partners including Idaho Power Company, the Canopy Network created the Shade Tree Project in 2013. The Shade Trees Project helps reduce energy use by 15% or more at homes during the hot summer months. To date, over 15,000 trees have been planted at Idaho Power customer homes in 17 counties across the state!

Shade Trees for Energy Savings

The Canopy Network is building a regional city forest credit program that will capture the carbon+ values of trees planted in our communities. Companies can purchase these carbon+ credits to offset their carbon emissions by funding the planting of trees to balance out their environmental impact.

City Forest Credits

The Canopy Continuum Project, a partnership with Portland State University, evaluates the impacts of our region’s urban forest on air quality, urban heat, and human health. The data from this project is helping the city of Boise plan for and plant trees to improve the environment and quality of life throughout the city.

Canopy Continuum

This regional urban wood network is helping cities and neighborhoods recycle old urban trees that must be removed due to age, decay, and safety. In partnership with local tree care companies, millers, and makers, the urban wood network is creating beautiful artwork and furniture while reducing waste in our regional landfill.

Treasure Valley Urban Wood Network
Boise’s Newest Environmental Nonprofit | Treasure Valley Canopy Network | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag
Boise’s Newest Environmental Nonprofit | Treasure Valley Canopy Network | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag
Boise’s Newest Environmental Nonprofit | Treasure Valley Canopy Network | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

Get Involved

There are many ways for local residents to get involved and support the Treasure Valley Canopy Network:

  • Join and support the City of Trees Challenge
    • Purchase a tree from our nursery partners, plant that tree at your home, and make it count!
    • Donate to the Challenge, helping us grow, plant, and care for these trees
    • Purchase a City of Trees t-shirt - each t-shirt purchased donates enough money to plant 2 forest seedlings in an Idaho forest!
  • Learn more about and support our Urban Wood Network as we expand to serve the Treasure Valley and all of Idaho
  • Support the businesses of our contributing members who have invested in the Canopy Network, helping us build and grow healthy and vibrant communities across the Treasure Valley
City of Trees Challenge | TV Canopy Network




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