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Meet Van Lith Ranch - A True Idaho Family Run Ranch with Spoiled Cattle Grazing the Banks of the Payette River

Last updated June 29, 2021 by Dani Hansen

What is Van Lith Ranch?

Van Lith Ranch is a third-generation family-owned cattle ranch in the Treasure Valley’s backyard. Since 1964, Van Lith Ranch has been responsibly raising beef cattle on the banks of the Payette River. Recently, two brothers, Joseph and Andy Van Lith, saw the impact of rising beef-packing prices and knew there was an opportunity to adapt their family’s ranch pasture-to-table products. Van Lith Ranch provides a more convenient and transparent way of getting your steak fix!

Van Lith Ranch | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

Why Ranching?

Ranching is more than a job, it is a lifestyle. As a rancher, your livelihood depends on the health and quality of their cattle. Growing up in the ranching industry, Joseph and Andy saw an opportunity to share their passion for raising Idaho ultra-premium, grass-fed, grain-finished beef and bringing together friends and family for the sake of good food and even better company. 

The Van Lith brothers decided to shift their focus to providing pasture-to-table beef with their family behind them! By cutting out the middle-men, like beef packers and third-party feedlots, Van Lith Ranch delivers high-quality beef directly to your door. 

Van Lith Ranch | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag
Van Lith Ranch | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

How Did the Pandemic Affect Van Lith Ranch?

Since 1964, Van Lith Ranch has appreciated hard work and the local Idaho heritage that allowed this ranch to expand its offerings even during the pandemic. 

Throughout the pandemic, many families in the Treasure Valley felt the impact of the “meat shortage.” But, in many ways, this shift in the meat industry allowed people to explore more locally sourced meat options. Despite the uncertain times, Van Lith saw an opportunity to expand their beef industry to be more accommodating, local, and transparent. 

Feeling the support from the local community during the pandemic, Van Lith wanted to return the favor by giving transparency to their customers and fuel to their local, rural economy. Van Lith proudly works with the local agricultural community to feed, raise, and process their beef cattle exclusively in Idaho. By purchasing from Van Lith, you know you are buying from a ranch that has properly cared for each and every one of their cattle. This transparent pasture-to-table model also helps support the local economy and cuts down on the carbon footprint that large agri-businesses create. 

What does Van Lith have to Offer?

From a single USDA Prime New York Strip to a Half Idaho Raised Beef to fill your freezer, Van Lith Ranch has many options that will accommodate families of any size! 

A variety of Ranch Packs, including Deluxe Date Night and Smoker’s Paradise, will inspire your next cook-out. To make sure your freezer is never empty, you can also sign up for a Subscription Box. There are even custom “Build Your Own Box” options that will help accommodate any recipe you’ve been waiting to try out. And, with the Ranch Packs and Subscription Boxes being delivered right to your door, you can skip the hassle of going to the grocery store! 

According to Van Lith, How To Cook a Perfect Steak?

Van Lith Ranch | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

The Van Lith Ranch Difference

Totally Boise truly recommends Van Lith Ranch. 

After a visit to their ranch, it is apparent that the Van Lith Family truly practices what they preach. Van Lith supports a network of rural agriculture communities by feeding, raising, and processing the beef locally. Their antibiotic and hormone-free cattle roam most of their lives freely, grazing in the backyard of the Treasure Valley - along the Payette River. The quality of the steak is a direct reflection of the hard dedication of the Van Lith Brothers and their family.




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