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Where To Eat Gluten-Free In The Treasure Valley

Last updated May 03, 2021 by Totally Boise

Gluten-free is probably one of the hardest diet restrictions out there. Gluten is in everything — spices, sauces, soups, salads, you name it, I guarantee gluten is hiding in it. This year, I went through a wave of potential health issues. I was recently diagnosed celiac, went on a completely gluten-free diet for months, then discovered I was in fact not celiac, but rather gluten intolerant.

During those months, I made it my mission to find the best options around the Treasure Valley, when it comes to gluten-free and celiac-safe food finds. As a food lover, this was a really hard process, and I learned a lot about food — how it's processed, and what it takes to make foods safe for celiacs to enjoy. On a hunt for restaurants providing gluten-free options, I’ve come up with a pretty good list of restaurants that are gluten-free and/or celiac safe.

Here's a list of restaurants that are gluten-free and/or celiac safe in the Treasure Valley.

Treasure Valley Gluten-Free Restaurants:


*Pho Nouveau | 780 W Idaho St.

*The Void Food Truck | Follow @thevoidboise for location

*Mai Thai | 750 W Idaho St.

Paddles Up Poke | 237 N 9th St.

Paddles Up Poke | 2133 W Cesar Chavez Ln.

*Eureka! | 800 W Idaho St.

*P.F. Chang's | 391 S 8th St.

*Lemon Tree Co. | 224 N. 10th St.

*Union Block Eatery | 730 W Idaho St.

Alyonka Russian Cuisine | 2870 W State St.

Naked Fins | 1120 S. Broadway Ave.

Wild Root Cafe | 276 N 8th St.

KIN | 999 W Main St. 

The Ram Restaurant & Brewery | 709 E Park Blvd.

Twisted Sugar | 10804 W Fairview Ave #105

a cafe | 109 S 10th St.

Bodovino | 404 S 8th St


*Sa-Wa-Dee Thai Restaurant | 1890 E. Fairview

*Le Peep | 3036 N Eagle Rd.

Paddles Up Poke | 3690 E. Monarch Sky Ln., Suite 135

Ling & Louie's Asian Bar and Grill | 3210 E Louise Dr.

*Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar | 3690 E Monarch Sky Ln.

The Ram Restaurant & Brewery | 3272 E Pine Ave.

Bodovino Ristorante | The Village at Meridian


*Oak Barrel | 1065 E Winding Creek Dr.

Bella Aquila Italian Fine Dining | 775 S Rivershore Ln.

Bacquet's French Cuisine | 1117 E Winding Creek Dr. 

The Perks of Life | 1540 E Iron Eagle Dr.

Tazikis | 1592 E Riverside Dr.

Pick-up and Local Delivery

True Joy Cookies


* Restaurants labeled this have been claimed to be safe for celiacs by those who are celiac or know someone who is. If you are celiac, it is important to always do your own research while double and even triple checking with your server.

Boise's Gluten-Free Go-To Restaurants

Pho Nouveau

Boise's Gluten-Free Go-To Restaurants

Photo Credit: Mai Tai

Boise's Gluten-Free Go-To Restaurants

Photo Credit: Eureka!

Being celiac, there is always a chance of cross contamination. While a good option may be gluten free (like fries), it doesn't mean they aren't cooked in a celiac safe environment. While my time thinking I was celiac was short lived, I learned how hard it was to go out to eat, but also, that there are restaurants in Boise who go the extra mile to ensure those with gluten intolerances and celiac are welcomed!

Gluten-free VS. Celiac Diet

Whether you have a gluten intolerance, follow a gluten-free diet, or are celiac, knowing how your food is prepped is important while dining out or even purchasing for cooking at home.

Foods that are labeled "gluten-free" and "certified gluten-free" are completely different, and although many foods are labeled gluten-free doesn't actually mean, it's gluten-free, crazy right?

Foods labeled gluten-free must meet an under 20 ppm requirement according to FDA standards. Certified gluten-free must meet an under 10 ppm requirement. If you are celiac, your body cannot tolerate 20 ppm, making finding foods extremely difficult.

Gluten intolerance/Gluten-free lifestyle: Just because you aren't celiac, doesn't mean gluten doesn't affect your gut. An intolerance can still leave many people not feeling well. Even if it's more of a lifestyle choice, many people can benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle if they choose to.

Celiac Autoimmune Disease: In a nutshell, those who have celiac can't process gluten (wheat, barley, and rye). What it does to the body is tear down the villous atrophy in your small intestine.

Having a small trace of gluten can essentially ruin your gut and take 6 months to a year for your small intestine to heal.




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