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Mix 106 Radio Host Kekeluv 'Rises Up Against Child Abuse' & Here's How You Can Join The Cause

Last updated April 22, 2021 by Totally Boise

Child abuse is among one of the most horrific trauma's a child can go through. Based on the FY2018 report, around 678,000 children were victims of child abuse and maltreatment in the U.S. For over 14 years, radio host Keke Love has been an advocate for those children.

After having to cancel the 'It Shouldn't Hurt To Be A Child' campaign in 2020, Keke is ready to rise up for children in a big way starting Monday, April 26, 2021.

Keke is pledging to sit in every single seat at the Albertsons Stadium in acknowledgment of every child who has suffered and continues to suffer from child abuse. Keke will be motioning over 35,000 squats within five days and is seeking the help of the amazing Treasure Valley community to help raise money for the cause.

How to Help

To contribute to the 'Rise Up Against Child Abuse' campaign' Keke is asking all members of the community to simply buy one of the seats in the stadium. Each seat will go for a single dollar. The money raised from the campaign will go to the Faces of Hope foundation.

The Faces of Hope Foundation is a victim center that focuses on hope, healing, and justice for those who have suffered from abuse in the Treasure Valley.

Buy a seat here:

Purchase Your Seat

About Faces of Hope:
Mix 106 Radio Host Kekeluv 'Rises Up Against Child Abuse' & Here's How You Can Join The Cause
Mix 106 Radio Host Kekeluv 'Rises Up Against Child Abuse' & Here's How You Can Join The Cause

Photo Credit: Mix 106 Radio Station

The Pandemic

The pandemic hit everyone in 2020, with children being among the most affected. Kids who sought safety in schools were forced to stay home. Idaho jumped from 660 sexual child abuse incidents to 775 from FY19 to FY20 (based on reported data only).

Over the years, Keke has raised awareness in numerous ways — fasting for seven days on a billboard, zero sleep for 175 hours, and hosting events like Live for 175, where advocates powered the radio station by riding stationary bikes for 175 hours.

Keke continues to rise up and advocate for children in similar situations like Robert Manwill, Emrik Osuna, JJ Vallow, and Tylee Ryan, all of who lost their lives due to child abuse.

Find out more on the initiative here:

Benfiting: Faces of Hope

Kekeluv says it best when he says, "It shouldn't hurt to be a child." National Child Abuse Awareness month in April, but in reality, it should be every month. Help Kekeluv in the initiative to bring more awareness and hope to children who are unable to advocate for themselves.




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