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Celebrate Idaho Craft Beer Month this April

Last updated April 07, 2021 by Tessa Bishop

April in Idaho means it's time to celebrate all things craft beer- and this year, we're bringing you a guide to ALL of the must-see craft breweries that surround the Treasure Valley!

In just 10 short years, Idaho went from having 20 craft breweries to over 80! We sit at 11th Nationwide for breweries per capita.

If there's one thing we love, it's the craft beer bomb that has created our beloved beer culture here in the valley. In an effort to celebrate these awesome brewmasters, the Idaho Brewers United created Idaho Craft Beer Month to honor and support our proud, local producers.

Tons of local craft brewed beers for the Idaho Craft Beer Month

Join us in celebrating; here's a list of the Treasure Valley's must-visit breweries:

Boise & Garden City

Barbarian Brewing | DT location: 1022 W Main St. | Garden City location: 5270 W. Chinden Blvd.

Edge Brewing | DT location: 205 N. 10th St. | Boise location: 525 Steelhead Way

Payette Brewing | 733 S. Pioneer St.

Boise Brewing | 521 W. Broad St.

10 Barrel Brewing | 826 W. Bannock St.

Mad Swede Brewing | DT location: 816 W. Bannock St. | Boise location: 2772 S. Cole Rd. #140

Lost Grove Brewing | 1026 S. La Pointe St.

Powderhaus Brewing | 9719 W. Chinden Blvd.

Twisted District Brew Co. | 3840 W. Chinden Blvd. #110

Western Collective | 111 W. 33rd St.

Crooked Fence Brewing Co. | 5220 N. Sawyer Ave.

County Line Brewing | 9115 W. Chinden Blvd. #107

White Dog Brewing Co. | 705 W. Fulton St.

Clairvoyant Brewing Company | 2800 W. Idaho St.

Bear Island Brewing Co. | 1620 N. Liberty St.

Cloud 9 Brewing | 1750 W. State St.

Woodland Empire Brewery | 1114 W. Front St.

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse | 2455 N. Highlands Holw.

Ram Restaurant & Brewery | 709 E. Park Blvd.

Spring Creek Brewing Company | 18651 N. Streams Edge Way

Sockeye Brewing | 12542 W. Fairview Ave.


Loose Screw Beer Co. | 1511 W. McMillan Rd.


Crescent Brewing | 1521 W. Front St.

2C Family Brewing Company | 1215 1st St. S.

Dogwood Brewing | 1312 Dogwood Dr.

Mother Earth Brew Co. | 1428 Madison Ave.

Pints up, it's beer season! We encourage you to show your support of our local Treasure Valley craft breweries by choosing to drink Idaho beers all month long.




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