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Totally Boise Park Pick of the Week: Molenaar Park

Last updated July 14, 2020 by Totally Boise

Located off South Maple Grove, Molenaar Park has built an exciting addition to their 20-acres of land, a dog park! As Molenaar Park makes plans to expand and add many amenities, the dog park comes as a great start to future plans for the park.

As you enter the parking lot, to the right is a spacious area with a double entrance fence to bring your furry companion. The size of the fenced off-leased park is almost 1-acre and has a separate section for those whose dogs are a little more shy than others.

As summer break continues for kids as well, it can be hard to find ways to entertain. At Molenaar Park, there is a conservation station for visitors to learn some fun environmental facts. A fishing pond is also located at Molenaar Park for those with a fishing license. Molenaar Park has an open area that allows for plenty of outdoor activities. With a spacious amount of grass you could pack a picnic, play soccer, frisbee and any other outdoor activities.

Molenaar Park may seem limited to amenities right now however, bigger plans for the park have been envisioned. According to the City of Boise, funding will be available in 2024 to include more activity areas. Those areas may include basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, added covered areas, and a skate park

As social distancing is still highly encouraged in Idaho, it can be difficult to find places to enjoy without overcrowding. Molenaar Park is a great idea if you’re looking to get out in the Boise sunshine and enjoy the fresh air. Awakenings coffee is also a great place to stop on the way and grab one of their delicious beverages.

Location: 2815 S Maple Grove Rd.




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