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Totally Boise Park Pick of the Week: Esther Simplot Park

Last updated July 08, 2020 by Totally Boise

Endless Summer Activities at Esther Simplot Park in Boise

What was once a small pond, quite literally, has become so much more. It seems that as Boise continues to grow, so does its parks. Esther Simplot Park, home to Quinn’s and Esther Simplot Pond, has expanded over the last few years into a popular recreational park, perfect for summer fun.

Esther Simplot Park is 55-acres of ponds that allow plenty of room for water activities and other park amenities. A part of Esther Simplot Park is Quinn’s Pond and two Esther Simplot ponds with Whitewater Park at an arm's distance.

With Boise weather heating up, there are endless activities worth exploring in this area. Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and more.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

A popular summer activity, SUP is a great way to workout, site-see or relax at the pond. Nearby water sport rental shops include Corridor Surf Shop and Idaho River Sports. Idaho River Sports also offers SUP classes for those looking to become familiar with SUP.


Whether for fun or sport, swimming is a great summer activity for anyone. Find a spot on the sand at Quinn’s pond and make the perfect beach area. If just a toe-dip is more your speed, pump up a huge flamingo floatie (or any floatie of your choice) and take a well-deserved sun break.

Kayaking and Surfing:

Across Esther Simplot Park is Whitewater park where there is a consistent group of kayakers and surfers. Boise Whitewater Park opened its first phase as a part of in 2012 to the public. This phase included a man-made wave on the Boise River with a rotating wave adjuster throughout the week for kayakers and surfers. You can also stream the wave online at any time.


All parks are a great choice to grab the kids and take them out this summer. Made out of recycled materials, there is a play area for kids to play when not in the water. If they do want to go in the water there is a children’s beach area that is targeted for children and families.


Watersports aren’t the only activity to enjoy while at Esther Simplot Park, it is also the perfect place to meet friends and have a picnic or small gathering. The scenic view of the ponds and river is a great quality in itself with tons of space to create a small oasis. The park offers a covered picnic area in case of unpredictable weather.

The best part about living in Boise is having parks nearby. While driving is one option to get to the park, the Boise River Greenbelt has direct access to Esther Simplot and Whitewater Park which allows nearby residents to bike or walk.

Map of Esther Simplot Park More Info about Whitewater Park

Note: Esther Simplot Ponds 1 and 2 and are currently closed due to an algae bloom however, Quinn’s pond is still open for use.

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