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Lift Spirits During ‘Home and Shelter’

Last updated April 09, 2020 by Totally Boise

It seems like life is stopped, but time is still moving forward. Birthdays, celebrations and supporting one another is still happening, there’s just a shift in the way we now celebrate each other. Whether it's distant visits with family, Facetime birthday parties, or neighborhood parades we’re continually finding ways to be in the company of our friends, family, and community. These stories have brought a lot of joy to our Totally Boise fam, our hope is they bring you some happiness too!

There have been lots of amazing videos by celebrities making the best of the situation we’re all currently living in. Jimmy Fallon has done at-home interviews, Ellen Degeneres has called all her friends sharing her calls with the world, and many others are doing their part in creating a sense of ease. But John Krasinski’s story may be our favorite! If you're not a fan of the Office, this might turn you into one.

John Krasinski’s new YouTube channel is called, “Some Good News”! Subscribe to his channel and follow along for awesome stories and updates. Some Good News is welcoming, funny, and sheds a bit of light in these weird times. The debut episode was an interview with Steve Carrell, where they reminisced about their ‘good ole days’ on The Office. Their jokes and conversation were hilarious, which is no shock if you remember their character banter from years ago. At the end of the episode he brings on a teen who received the best welcome home celebration, after her final chemo treatment.

Lift Spirits during Coronavirus Shelter in Place Order
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Since this story went viral, so many community members have shown their commitment to each other. The messages in Some Good News have been reflected by teachers for their students and family members to celebrate birthdays, singing happy birthday outside of their loved ones homes. These stories go on and on, and have shown that trauma doesn’t stop us from showing support for each other.

Here is a sweet video of a family celebrating their beloved grandma!

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In another story, a young girl, Rylee Anderson, went viral when she needed help on her math homework. At the drop of a hat, her teacher came to her house and through the window taught the lesson. Practicing safe social distancing didn’t stop this amazing teacher from going the distance for his student. "The picture just shows the length that teachers will go to help their students at any cost during these times," Josh Anderson, father of Rylee, said (from an Interview with CNN).


Find Ways to Be Happy During COVID-19 Outbreak
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These stories, and many others, are a great inspiration for the Boise community. There are so many ways to be impactful right now. Support your local businesses, donate to local causes, check in on your loved ones, or offer to buy Instacart groceries for your neighbor. This such a valuable time to band together! Let’s shed some light in these uncertain times!

If you or someone you know has a special story that’s worth sharing, let us know! We’d love to share Some Good Local News to our Totally Boise community.




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