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8 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During Social Distance

Last updated March 31, 2020 by Totally Boise

Working from home and actually getting that email sent without distractions from social media, TV, or chores is hard enough. Try adding kids to the equation and it's especially difficult to get stuff done while the kids are home running around. Keeping a schedule is not only going to keep parents sane but will help keep the kiddos busy and will bring a sense of comfort having a routine during these unsettling, confusing times. Totally Boise has created a list of ways to keep your kids busy so you can get those emails sent without any distractions.

1. Download Printable Coloring Sheets

Totally Boise Coloring Sheets

Coloring is a great way to keep the kids busy. Coloring pages are easy to access online and even better, we have one specifically designed by Totally Boise. Coloring is a great way for kids to express their artistic side, improves motor skills, and encourages focus. Crayola and tons of other websites have free printable coloring sheets to download.

Totally Boise Coloring Prints Crayola Coloring Pages

2. House Scavenger Hunt

How to Build a Home Scavenger Hunt in Boise, Idaho

There is nothing like a good ole’ scavenger hunt around the house! This you could keep the kids busy with for hours. Start by listing stuff around the house, in the backyard, garage and let the little hunters do the rest! They will be begging for you to create new treasure hunts daily. If you need ideas to get your house scavenger list going check out this link to a ton of different ideas!


3. Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk in Boise

Old fashion sidewalk chalk is the best to get creative juices flowing while catching some much needed Vitamin D. You can use this as a positive way to spread a smile to all the neighbors getting out catching some fresh air. Fun pictures and happy notes will go beyond your family, this is a way to get the whole neighborhood smiling and shining some light on these dark times

4. Homeschooling

Homeschool in Boise during COVID-19 Pandemic

With school being out for an extended period of time, you want to make sure your kids aren’t forgetting what they’ve been working so hard on in school. It is important to keep their brain flowing and continue learning more every day. Whether it’s lesson plans you create or online programs you can make school continue in your home.

Online Program

5. Building Forts

Now, this is what fun is all about. Building forts and creating a special hiding place for the kids to stay busy is a great way to keep them satisfied. Build a fort around the tv, then turn it into a movie day! They will be satisfied for hours.

6. Online Cooking Classes

Boise Cooking Classes

Cooking is a great way to keep everyone entertained, and is a great way to teach your kids some new recipes. There are online cooking classes that let you all learn together and create something delicious in the kitchen! Whether it's a family recipe or something online or a recipe from Pinterest, your family will be able to create memories they will never forget.

Cooking Classes

7. Indoor Yoga

Yoga Exercise in Boise

Yoga is a great way to get your kids active and stretching. It will help loosen their muscles and let their juices flow. There are tons of yoga videos you can find online and even participate in. This is a fun way to get the family together and work on staying healthy and active!

8. Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Games in Boise

Take your kids on an adventure right in the living room! There are tons of virtual field trips offered online whether it's an aquarium, zoo or historic museum it is a great experience for the kids stuck at home.

A few trips to take:

Aquarium Webcam Penguin Webcam Eagle Cam




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