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Life’s Kitchen Opening a New Location in Boise

Last updated March 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

A new opportunity is just around the corner for Boise’s youth. Life’s Kitchen is looking forward to opening their new location on Fairview in a few months. What does Life’s Kitchen do for Boise and how can you get involved? Keep reading to find out.

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What is Life’s Kitchen?

Life’s Kitchen is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Boise’s youth who are in need of a change. Life’s Kitchen is a 16-week, 3 phase program that provides workforce training (culinary), life skills (financial literacy, healthy relationships, etc.) and on top of all that a full GED program. It is a way for youth in Boise to take control of their future. As Tammy Johnson, Life’s Kitchen Executive Director, told us, their goal is to help the amazing youth find independence, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and the ability to work. Life’s Kitchen faculty focus on providing support and confidence in order to propel their students forward into their new careers. For example, Aurora is a young lady that entered the program at 17 years old, had been in foster care and homeless and had dropped out of school and was pregnant, but through Life’s Kitchen she turned her life around. Tammy told us she grew immensely! She received her GED, her ServSafe Manager Certificate, as well, she was trainee of the year and is now working full time, going to school, all while being a mother!

New Location

As stated earlier Life’s Kitchen is taking advantage of a growing environment and community. They are set to move into their new location sometime this fall, replacing the building where Maire Callendar’s restaurant was located. Tammy told us the new location meant doubling their space! They will be able to expand both their café and catering businesses which allows more funds to go directly into the program. One important change that will come with the new location is raising the age group allowed to enroll. Previously the age limit was between 16-20, but with the new location the age limit will increase to 24! With this change Life’s Kitchen will educate a minimum of 100 new trainees per year, essentially doubling the current number of trainees.

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Do your part!

Tammy told us the same reason the program exists is exactly what drives those who guide them; it’s all about the youth! The program exists to allow Boise’s youth to change their lives, but sometimes the lives that are changed the most are those who help them. Tammy spoke so highly of the youth that we couldn’t help but be motivated to do our part. Everyone can help in their own way through donating to the program or the capital campaign for their new facility or simply volunteering.

One way all of us can help is to test the students' skills, in other words, go out and eat at their café! You’ll get to see exactly what the program is about with trainee’s taking orders, cooking meals, and serving a great experience!

Keep your eye out for Life’s Kitchen to open up this fall! Make sure to get out and try their delicious food while helping the youth of Boise. After all it takes the community to keep Boise the amazing place it is.

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