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How to Help the Boise Community From a Distance

Last updated March 23, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

How to Help Among Social Distancing in Boise

With many people experiencing changes in their busy day-to-day lives, we’re all continually looking for ways to stay busy, give back, and keep things as normal as possible. We want to be an outlet for ways to keep busy while also supporting our community. Here’s a list of possible ways to do so:

Donate Blood

Right now, the American Red Cross faces a severe blood shortage due to unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations during the coronavirus outbreak. We encourage all healthy individuals to donate now to help patients and hospitals all around the U.S.

Find blood drives happening near you today:

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Download the Nextdoor App

The Nextdoor app is a way for local communities and neighbors to connect and interact discussing community news, local recommendations, and businesses. If you can’t connect in person, why not utilize this app to connect with the people who surround you. This is a great way to find neighbors who may need extra support or extra help during trying times.

Make Soup for a Neighbor, Friend, or Family Member

Soup is an essential go-to for easy meals, with tons of servings in a batch and not to say it’s the best thing to have on hand in case someone in your household gets sick! Since soup often ends up being a large quantity, why not share it with neighbors or drop it off to your elderly or at-risk friends and family members. Plus, this is a great way to support your loved ones when being face-to-face may not be an option.

Go Outside and While You’re at it Pick Up

It’s obvious we’re big advocates of the Boise outdoor life. Having afternoons spent social distancing is a great reason to explore the Boise outdoors, and while you’re at it why not pick up trash you see around? Keeping our city pretty and enjoying fresh-air, name a better duo!

Explore Ways to Connect and Volunteer Virtually

It’s never been so easy to connect without being in person with Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Facetime! Its likely volunteering will evolve in the wake of COVID-19, with more virtual opportunities to take action. For now support our local community, a couple of charities currently in need of help:

Trivia Night at Home

Game Night Live has moved their trivia nights to online, live stream Facebook games! Tuesday through Thursday nights, GNL will host trivia at 7PM. Grab your best trivia partners and hop online for a night filled with fun. To play teams are required to donate $30 to their GNL trivia venue of choice! Supporting our local businesses and having a fun night with friends? There’s nothing better!

Color, Craft, or Bake

Keeping the kiddos busy during long days spent at home can be difficult. Crafts are always a great way to stay occupied. Guru Donuts is now offering “Make Your Own Donut Kits” filled with donuts, sprinkles, and glaze all you need to add is imagination! Woodland Kids has “Craft Kits” available for pickup at their store location. Or download our printable Boise coloring sheets!

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