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The New Boise Bike Park is Open

Last updated February 04, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

Many love the fact that Boise is embracing the ever-growing bike culture. Boise had a soft opening of it’s newest bike park located in the Military Reserve Area off Mountain Cove Road in December. The J.A. Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation Bike Park is designed to invite riders of all skill levels ranging from beginner to expert.

New Boise Bike Park
Photo Credit: Boise Parks and Recreation

The park is maintained by Boise Parks and Recreation and is “similar to a ski resort” with trails marked depending on the degree of difficulty or features.

  • Beginner - Green circle
  • Intermediate - Blue Square
  • Advanced - Black Diamond
  • Expert - Double Black Diamond

It’s recommended that you ride within your skill set and work your way up to the difficult trails. Here are a couple of tips that will help you stay safe:

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Watch out for others
  • Pedestrians and spectators should stay off trails (benches are placed throughout the park to sit and watch)
  • Follow the lead of others on the tracks to avoid collisions
Bike Trails in Boise
Photo Credit: Boise Parks and Recreation

The park includes a variety of features and amenities including cross country trails, pump tracks, and slopestyle trails. The different trails can be utilized by riders of all skill levels and are specifically labeled depending on difficulty.

Cross Country Trails

These are the trails that circle the perimeter of the park, offering all skill levels a set of trails to ride. These trails include some obstacles and different terrains to continue practicing on. The main trail has a larger width to accommodate all access including foot traffic, bikes, and adaptive bikes.

Pump Tracks

The asphalt pump tracks were designed to provide endless loops with rolls and curves that keep the bike in motion. There are beginner and advanced pump tracks, the more advanced tracks have higher rolls and steeper banked curves allowing for jumps.

Slopestyle Trails

Designed for all skill levels, the slopestyle trails offer multiple opportunities for jumps. The beginner trail offers smaller mounds and spacing, giving riders the opportunity to control their speed. The other, more advanced, trails offer multiple ways to approach the jumps from more advanced to less technical approaches.

Boise Parks and Recreation
Photo Credit: Boise Parks and Recreation

The Boise Bike Park is a great addition to the community parks and is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Remember to practice safe riding and respect the park maintained by Boise Parks and Recreation. For more information:

City of Boise
The New Bike Park in Boise, Idaho
Photo Credit: Boise Parks and Recreation




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