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8 of the Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Last updated February 08, 2022 by Totally Boise

From deep dish to thin crust, we love ALL pizza. So of course, we’ve put together a list of all our fave pizza places in the area! Be prepared- just reading this makes us hungry.

1. Red Bench Pizza

Probably one of our most frequented spots in Boise, Red Bench Pizza, a neighborhood joint showcasing old world Neapolitan style pizza. Red Bench remains locally imagined sourcing local ingredients that produce some pretty amazing pizza.

Red Bench Pizza | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Red Bench Pizza

2. Flatbread Neapolitan Pizza

With multiple locations surrounding the Treasure Valley, they’re destined to be a fan favorite. Recognized for their wood-fired ovens, Flatbread stays true to their name of Neapolitan pizza. Want to know the perfect meal? Head there for lunch and pick two between pizza, salads, and sandwiches.

Flatbread Pizza | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Flatbread Pizza Facebook

3. Garbonzo's Pizza

Garbozo's Pizza makes its dough fresh daily while proceeding to let it settle overnight, giving you the perfect pizza crust flavor.

Garbonzo's Pizza | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Garbonzo's Pizza

4. The Front Door

Ever heard of Italian Nachos? You can try them along with delicious wood-fired oven pizza at this Neo-Ameripolitan pizzeria. The Front Door is located Downtown and not only serves some delicious pizza, but the sizes are GIANT. Be sure to grab your friends and share!

The Front Door | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: The Front Door Facebook

5. 3 Wood Pizza & Pub

Specializing in brick oven pizzas, 3 Wood Pizza & Pub ages its dough for 72 hours before ever even cooking it. They also create their red sauce daily using fresh tomatoes and local mozzarella to top.

6. Lulu's Pizza & Sushi

Located in North End Boise, Lulu's Pizza & Sushi is a neighborhood favorite and treasured spots to grab pizza! What we love most about Lulu's is their thing yet big New York style sliced pizza, leaving you happy and full every time.

Lulu's Pizza & Sushi | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Lulu's Pizza & Sushi

7. Pie Hole

Do you even live in Boise if you haven't eaten at Pie Hole? Typically known for frequenting after a night out downtown, Pie Hole has been around for over 10 years. Pie Hole dishes up pizza by the slice and by the pie of course. They've got vegan options and even a typical Idahoan pizza, potato and bacon.

Pie Hole Pizza | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Pie Hole Pizza

8. Guido's Original N.Y. Style Pizzeria

Guido’s Pizzeria located in Downtown Boise and off Chinden Blvd. gives people the option to try out a tasty slice of pizza. This is your place for New York-style pizza with a simple Italian flare. Stop by for BIG thin-crust slices of pizza that will leave your tummy feeling full and you feeling happy!

Love pizza and Treasure Valley businesses as much as we do? Next time you're at your favorite pizza spot use #totallyboise and tag us on social media to share your favorite pizza!

Guido's Original NY Style Pizzeria | Best Pizza Spots in Boise

Photo Credit: Guido's Pizzeria Facebook




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