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Last updated July 09, 2019 by Tessa Bishop

Meet the Face of Home Heating and Air Conditioning

home heating and air conditioning owner christy

Christy Featherston, the owner of Home Heating and Air Conditioning, started the company with a clear goal in mind: to take care of each customer as if they are a member of her own family. With a passion to not only help the community but to ensure the safety and comfort of one’s home, Featherston strives to create an environment of excellence for both her team and its customers.

As a small number of women working in HVAC and even fewer owning an HVAC company, Featherston has made it her initiative to continue growing the company, while also continuing to grow the number of women involved in this technical field. Recognizing the consumer's need for a reliable technician, she has found that females can be a source of comfort. Featherston has also determined thorough training has been key to building a strong team of respectable women and men.

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Hiring Matters and Here’s Why...

Her business has been a pivotal company within Twin Falls, deemed the #1 Heating, Cooling, and Indoor Air Service Company. This title has encouraged Featherston to expand the company, opening a division in the Boise area. Featherston continues to carry values of integrity, honesty, and exceptional customer service throughout the expansion of her business.

Hiring trustworthy women and men will always be a high priority. Schedule your appointment by visiting the new Home Heating & Air Conditioning website

home heating and air conditioning boise

There are a few significant qualities Featherston looks for in a future employee:

  1. Passion - someone who wakes up looking forward to going to work!
  2. Cleanliness - both for the professional and in regards to how they will treat a client home.
  3. Comfort - someone who is willing to take the time to sit down, have a thorough conversation about what is going on with a customers air conditioning, and then works to fix it quickly.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning’s commitment to exceptional customer service hasn’t gone unnoticed. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, the team has received a number of five-star reviews, many focusing on the “thoughtful”, “caring”, and “polite” staff. Featherston wants customers to know that air control isn’t the only product offered, more importantly, it’s the technicians who customers open their home to.

Home Heating and Air Conditioning hold customers as their highest priority, encouraging a 24-hour phone service provided by the company to future, current, and past customers. As Home Heating and Air Conditioning continue to expand throughout Boise and summer heat continues to rise, consider looking to them for your air repair needs.

home heating and air conditioning
home heating and air conditioning
home heating and air conditioning
home heating and air conditioning
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