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Hyde Park Ranks #6 on National Geographics Most Friendly Neighborhoods in the U.S.

Last updated June 05, 2019 by Totally Boise

Boise continues to keep making lists for being one of the best cities in the U.S., and is now also included on a list that National Geographic put together for the most friendly neighborhoods in the U.S. Yepp, included on a list amongst 28 other neighborhoods, Hyde Park located in the North End of Boise is now known for being one of the most friendly there is. And we think that’s one heck of a compliment.

We can’t say that we’re all that surprised though. All of the qualities that National Geographic took into account to name the neighborhoods seem to be almost too fitting for our little North End Community. “Travel is rooted in hospitality--in a welcoming gesture, a friendly smile, an accommodating spirit,” and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you walk down 13th street through the Hyde Park community.

hyde park boise

Hyde Park is also known as the historic district, which probably helps contribute to most of the areas charm. Fitted with the coolest and most unique shops, there is a great bar and restaurant scene as well. For a welcoming and unique experience in Boise, Hyde Park is the go-to.

Totally Boise recommends a couple of things for when you take a trip to Hyde Park:

  1. Get a coffee from Hyde Perk, they have delicious beans!
  2. Grab a quick and flavor blasting $1 taco from Parilla on Tuesdays.
  3. Take the whole family to Goodies for an ice cream cone.

To check out the National Geographic article visit: Hyde Park Article on National Geographic.

hyde park boise
hyde park boise




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