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Training Treasure Valley Athletes: Idaho Fitness Academy

Last updated April 17, 2017 by Totally Boise

Idaho Fitness Academy is a high-performance training facility designed by athletes for athletes, and those looking to make a serious commitment to their long-term health and success in their career.

We sat down with Casey Crowell, the owner of Idaho Fitness Academy in Boise to find out why his gym is different than the rest and what sets him a part in the Treasure Valley.

Totally Boise: Why did you start Idaho Fitness Academy?

Casey: I started IFA because I saw a need for student athletes to add an additional need to their sports. All athletes practice, practice, practice but there is a need for strength and conditioning and being better for their sport. There isn't a facility that is specifically designed for athletes.

TB: Who do you specialize in training?

Casey: The specialization in training is for all sports from Volleyball, Golf, Softball, Track and Field, Baseball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, and Football. 

Idaho Fitness Academy weightlifting

TB: How do your training methods differ from going to a regular gym or trainer?

Casey:  My focus of training is more sports specific training for athletes. In most conventional gyms there is more machines and a common general public that come in for health specific reasons or weight loss. At IFA we do focus on clients for weight loss and general health, but the biggest need is for athletes to perform better at their designated sport. So I would say the difference is the level of importance of the health and fitness spectrum.

TB: What results do your athletes experience?

Casey: The # 1 goal of the athletes is injury prevention. In many sports, the ACL tear is one of the most common injuries and a lot of the time it happens from non-contact. I want the athletes to better themselves and not get injured through proper jumping mechanics, the way to move better, and perform strength exercises with the right form. The goal and the success that we have had is due to the athletes getting stronger and better for their sport and then that progresses them to keep playing the sport that they love into the collegiate ranks. That is goal number two, which is teaching the athletes how to progress and really complete that mental focus to have them play at the next level. 

Idaho Fitness Academy training

TB: Do your athletes experience higher probabilities for scholarships and/or collegiate sports acceptance?

Casey: Yes, there are a total of 30 athletes who have so far trained with me and have accepted scholarships to play at the next level. That number continues to grow each year. I wouldn't say there is a correlation, but the training and the work ethic the athletes portray in the strength and conditioning facility does connect to the field or court. 

TB: How do student athletes start training with you?

Casey: In the past it has been through a lot of word of mouth, and the summer high school workout programs. But at IFA we have a website designed my WebMarkets, that get people in touch with me through the interest page. Also, contact information is on there as well. But a lot of support has come from the coaches that coach at the junior high and high school levels. Being part of a team with them has greatly provide more athletes and contact for more and more sports. 

Idaho Fitness Academy casey

TB: Anything else you want to share with the people of the Treasure Valley?

Casey: I just want to say that IFA is here to help athletes and the general population reach their potential, through sport, weight loss, or general health. We are striving to make athletes here progress to the collegiate level and still play the sport they love. You see this in football of course, but the other sports need the same focus. That is a goal for us and to help every athlete reach those goals, they just need to have the will power to work hard at it. Because, to me, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. 

Idaho Fitness Academy chalkboard

If you’re interested in learning more about Idaho Fitness Academy, check out their details below.

Call 970-237-2888

1521 Five Mile Rd. Boise, ID 83709

Idaho Fitness Academy Facebook
Idaho Fitness Academy Instagram

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