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10 Reasons Idaho Will Turn That Frown Upside Down This Holiday Season

Let’s be honest, the year 2020 hasn’t been what any of us thought it would be. Due to COVID-19, plans have changed for everyone –– work, planned vacations, holiday plans, the list goes on. Though it may be hard to see the good, we wanted to take a few minutes to appreciate all the things that make us smile about living in Idaho.

1. Dog Friendly Businesses

One of the best parts about Boise and beyond is the many outdoor activities that allow for dogs to join! During the winter it can be hard finding places to take your dog. Following COVID-19 regulations, it’s a relief and joy to be able to bring dogs into establishments during the cold months. We have over 80 dog-friendly businesses in Boise! To name a few:

  • The Handlebar
  • Fork (dog-friendly patio)
  • Hops & Bottles
  • Payette Brewing

Check out the best restaurants to take your pup in Boise:

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2. Boise Foothills

Boise has over 190 miles of trails for recreational sports, hikes, and walks. Though winter limits the trek, it does make for beautiful views! Here are some of Boise’s most popular trails.

  • Military Reserve
  • Hulls Gulch/Camel's Back
  • Old Penitentiary Trailhead
  • Full Sail Trailhead N 36th Parking
  • Polecat Gulch

Everything you need to know about the Ridge to Rivers trails

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3. Idaho Hot Springs

If you haven’t explored some of the Idaho Hot Springs, are you even a resident? All jokes aside- with over 130 Idaho hot springs we’ve got plenty for you to explore, visit, and try out! We want to remind you- if you plan on taking advantage of Idaho’s beautiful hot springs be sure to remember it’s our responsibility to preserve the land.

Tips on taking care of Idaho’s land:

Preserve Boise

4. Idaho Small Businesses

One of our favorite things about the Treasure Valley and all of Idaho is our commitment to staying local, supporting small, and connecting with other small businesses. As of 2019, there were 158,426 small Idaho businesses. An abundance if you ask us! After the year we’ve all experienced, it’s important to remember supporting small means supporting our community of business owners and employees.

Check out our business directory to the Treasure Valley here:

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5. Delivery and Pickup from our Favorite Local Spots

Social distancing has meant many of us are spending alot more time at home, some goes as far to say 90% of our time has been spent at home this year! But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the little things in life, like ordering food from some of our favorite restaurants and treating ourselves to a special night in. Boise’s newest delivery service, Crave Delivery, is home to 16 restaurants that strive to serve you fresh, unique, and tasty dishes! Albertsons, our Boise founded grocery stores, offer Drive Up and Go services along with delivery that allow you to order groceries online and pickup without having to be in contact with others. If you haven’t tried either of these awesome and safe options, definitely check them out!

Read more about Crave Delivery:

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Read more about Albertsons Delivery & Pickup:

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6. Idaho Landmarks

Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful landmarks. From the many landmarks located in Boise, whether that be the Train Depot or Freak Alley Gallery to the stunning landmarks that make up our wonderful outdoors, sight-seeing is always an adventure! Some landmarks to highlight include:

  • The Sawtooths
  • Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve
  • Table Rock
  • The Bruneau Sand Dunes
  • Idaho State Capitol Building

The Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve might be considered Idaho’s most magical place:

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7. Ski Resorts & More

Within just a few quick hours, you can be adventuring at a fun ski resort outside of town. With 8 ski resorts within 3 hours of Boise, many are close enough for a day or weekend trip, but far enough where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in our hometown. Whether you’re a ski pro or ready to take on a new activity like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or tubing, Idaho’s got a spot for you!

Check out our list of nearby ski resorts:

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8. Healthcare Workers

This may be what we are mostly thankful for yet. Without the healthcare workers of Idaho working longer hours and dedicating their lives to save ours, the outcome of COVID might’ve been very different. As of December 1, 2020, Idaho has reported 102,000 positive COVID-19 cases. This year and every year, we’ll always look back to remember the sacrifices healthcare workers made and continue to make for us.

Next time you see a healthcare provider, extend your gratitude and thank them for taking care of us.

9. Idaho Farms and Ranches

While we all know Idaho is recognized for our delicious potatoes, it isn’t just potatoes that are farmed here. Across Idaho we have 25,000 farms and ranches that produce over 185 different commodities. One of our favorite things about Idaho is our restaurants and businesses support local, fresh ingredients. We wouldn’t have those without the 25,000 farms and ranches working hard to supply our state.

Albertsons has put an emphasis on supporting local with their Nourishing Neighbors initiative, check it out:

Albertsons Article

10. Enjoying all Four Seasons in Idaho

If you had to choose which season would be your favorite? The good thing is, in Idaho you don’t have to choose, since we get to experience all four seasons! No matter the season, one thing we’ve recognized is the abundance of sunny days that you can enjoy here in Idaho. This year alone, we’ve been blessed with 234 sunny days.

While this year may look a whole lot different than previous years, we’re happy to be living in a city full of amazing businesses, stunning places, and passionate people. Here’s to optimism and eagerness as we enter the new year!

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