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In-N-Out Burger Announces 2nd Location in Boise

Who’s craving a burger?

In-N-Out Burger has just announced its second location in the Boise area. With the first location set to be at the Village in Meridian, the booming burger joint will also occupy the old Pier One Imports site in the Boise Towne Square Mall.

The restaurant’s new location on Milwaukee Street will accommodate approximately 74 guests indoors, with room for another 30 on the patio. Knowing that In-N-Out generally generates a high volume of drive-thru traffic, the new site will include space for a 30 car queue. The restaurant will also have a combined 31 parking spaces on and near the property.

Although there is no opening date set yet, renovations and building of the second Boise In-N-Out is predicted to take about six months.

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