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Get Ready For Treefort 11 - Here’s How to Enjoy the Festival Like An Idahoan

The iconic Boise event, Treefort Music Festival, is celebrating eleven years at their March 2023 festivities. This year's celebration starts March 22nd and goes until March 26th. Each day is jam-packed with events, reaching beyond just music.

Spanning over five days, making a plan of action is the best way to maximize your Treefort experience.

Here's our tips on how to have a radical Treefort:

Grab a Pass

If you're new to Treefort, your first step is to purchase your Treefort Pass. This is a wristband that allows you access to all Forts. While single day or venue tickets can be bought, the pass gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Passes are still available for purchase but are selling fast as the festival's start date approaches. You can buy either the standard Treefort, Under 21, or Zipline passes online. Single Day, Main Stage Only, Knitting Factory Only passes, and Fort-Specific passes can be bought below.

Treefort Pass

Once you've secured your pass, head to the Wristband Pickup Box Office to receive your wristband. The office is located in Julia Davis Park - 700 S Capitol Blvd. All you need to bring is your ID and proof of ticket purchase.

How To Get Around Treefort

During the five-day festival, Boise's downtown is transformed into a multi-location venue hub, with activities and music happening throughout the area. While most Treefort events aim to stay within a few blocks of the main stage, some are more than a hop-skip-and-a-jump away. Thankfully there are several transportation options to get you quickly from one concert to the next.

Treeline: Treefort shuttle bus running 6 pm to 12am, Wednesday - Saturday, check the route here.

Treefort Treeline

-Valley Regional Transit: ride any VRT bus for free with proof of a Treefort Pass.

*no bus on Sunday

You can find plenty of ride options through apps such as Uber, Lyft, and scooter rentals with Spin, Bird, and Lime.

The BEST Treefort transportation option is to ride your bike, board, skates, or scooters down. There is free parking on Grove St. provided by the Boise Bicycle Project. Don't forget to wear your helmet, bring lights for late-night post-show rides, and a lock to secure your bike.

Need a bike? Check out the Boise Bicycle Project weekly deals to get yourself a sweet, emissions-free ride! They are also your resource for bike parts and bike repair maintenance.

Boise Bicycle Project

Staying Healthy At Treefort 11

There are no vaccination or testing requirements to gain access to the festival. They are encouraging festival-goers to do what they can to maintain the health and safety of those around them while attending.

It is advised to keep a mask handy, as some venues of participating businesses could have their own COVID guidelines.

Treefort will continue to offer free vaccinations, testing, and symptom screening on site at Treefort 11.

You can learn more here:

Treefort Safety

Get The App, Build Your Schedule

The true ticket to making the most out of your Treefort experience is to download the Treefort App. Here, you can browse the FULL Treefort schedule, including all Forts and Treefort Events. Then, you can add specific events to a personal schedule which will send you notifications when the show is starting or lines are getting long.

If you're attending the festival with friends, share your schedules to see what shows you want to see together or what shows you should know about. All of the information found on their website is also available on the app, so you can always stay in the loop.

The app is available on all platforms; click here to download:

Treefort App

Kidfort at Treefort Festival in Boise, ID | Totally Boise

Explore The Forts

Treefort Music Festival hosts more than the hottest up-and-coming bands. There are 13 different Forts with their own events happening over the five days. From a whole tent dedicated to the art of craft beer to watching a podcast be recorded in front of you, you can satisfy your many interests at these Forts below:









Music Talks





Check each Fort's individual listing to see when and where each event is happening!>

Music Event at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID | Totally Boise
Music Event at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID | Totally Boise

Concert Tips

Now that you've got your pass secured, schedule built, Fort activities lined out, and you're prepared to have a safe Treefort celebration, it's essential to know how to go the distance. While five days may not seem like that many days, once you start attending show after show, night after night, it's easy to start feeling a little run down.

As a four-time Treeforter, here are my personal tips on how to take on the festival like a marathon and not a sprint:

  • Wear comfortable shoes: If you're catching shows from 6 pm to 2 am, your feet can become one of your biggest downfalls. I always opt for a cute but ergonomic sneaker or sandal or a shoe that can fit a nice insert.
  • Bring a backpack: Not only are they great for holding the copious amounts of merch you're going to buy, but you can also stuff some extra socks, water, snacks, and other essentials to keep you comfortable. The only venue that doesn't allow a backpack is the Knitting Factory, so plan accordingly.
  • Pack Water: Don't be afraid to go hard at Treefort, but with great partying comes great thirst. Bring a refillable water bottle or bladder and fill it at any venue or water filling station located at the Main Stage.
  • Use ear protection: Much like your feet, your ears can get a lot of wear and tear during Treefort. Keeping a pair of earplugs handy is the best way to keep your hearing healthy. If you need them in a pinch, concert-grade Treefort earplugs can be found at the Main Stage and most merch tables for $15.
  • Dress for the weather: The weather is warming up, but that doesn't mean Mother Nature won't throw her own curveballs at the festival. Be ready with a rain jacket, hat, or other warm gear to keep you dry and happy!
  • Pack reusable utensils: Treefort is a proud B Corp certified festival, meaning they take the business of being sustainable and eco-friendly very seriously. An easy way to cut down on waste is to bring your own set of reusable cutlery and metal cups for drinks. Some vendors even give you a discount for having these. These are available for purchase at the Main Stage and are required for Alefort and to purchase beverages at the Main Stage.
  • Don't forget a mask: While it's not required for most Treefort venues or events, it's best to keep a mask or five in your bag just in case. Nothing sucks more than being denied entry for not having a mask.

The most important tip I can finally share is to come ready to have a great time! Treefort Music Festival brings in visitors from all over the country, so be prepared to make friends, create timeless memories, and witness some of the best music around. Don't forget to eat, hydrate, and take plenty of breaks.

Music Event at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID | Totally Boise
Music Event at Treefort Music Festival in Boise, ID | Totally Boise

Catch A Freefort Show

Not able to get a Treefort Pass? No worries! Thanks to several Treefort partners, you can catch FREE concerts; no wristband is necessary to enter. These free concerts are also called Second Chance Shows, giving everyone a chance to see a band they may have missed.

Here's where to catch a Freefort concert:

  • Treeline: Catch some live music on the official Treefort Shuttle bus. All ages, masks required.
  • The Record Exchange: All ages, masks required.
  • The Hideout: Located between Woodland and Manfred's (1114 W. Front St.), outside, all ages.
  • Boise Co-op Wine Shop: 888 W Fort St., 21+
  • Radioland: 1070 W Grove St., outside, all ages
  • Earth Libraries Showcase: Neurolux, 21+
  • American Standard Time Showcase: Barbarian Brewing, 21+
  • Handlebar: 1519 W Main St., Tricycle races, 21+
  • Hops & Bottles: 1420 W Grove St., 21+
  • Camp Modern: 1314 W Grove St. (The Modern Hotel), outside, all ages
  • Bittercreek Brunch Shows: Bittercreek Ale House, all ages,
  • Skatefort: Rhodes Skate Park, outside, all ages
  • Boise Brewing: 521 W. Broad St., outside, all ages
  • Lost Grove Brewing: 1026 S La Pointe St., outside, all ages
  • Payette Brewing: 733 S Pioneer St., outside, all ages

See You Down There!

Lovers of all things Boise events, we can't wait to get our own Treefort 11 season going. Remember, Treefort is for EVERYONE! So come as you are, dress how you feel, and bring your dancing shoes.

Tag @totallyboise and #totallyboise in any pictures you post at Treefort to share your experience with our community.

Stay tuned for more stories like this and others from around the Treasure Valley at our Blog!

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