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Major COVID-19 spike forces Ada County to backtrack into Stage 3 effective Wednesday, June 24

A press conference was held Monday, June 22 as Health officials informed the public that Ada County will be taking a step back into Stage 3.

“Initially many of the cases were associated with bars and nightclubs but the infection has reached further out into our communities and has risen to the point of great concern,” said Russ Duke, Director of Central District Health.

Bars and any other large venues will be re-closing due to a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. Stage 3 will take effect on Wednesday, June 24 at midnight.

“It’s Summer, and this is usually the season when we have far fewer colds and flu infections and it is easy to let your guard down. But as we have seen this past week, it does not take very long to go from having the disease under control to a community outbreak that is of great concern,” said Duke.

Stage 3 includes:

  • All Ada County bars must close
  • No gatherings of over 50 people both public and private
  • 14 day self quarantine from anyone entering Idaho

Visit the link below for more information:

Stage 3 Info

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