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What's Coming to Boise 2019

Sometimes it isn’t until new businesses are up and running that you know they exist. There is also the case where you might see construction, or even hear rumors of what that new building or old business might be. Well, we’re here to eliminate the ‘what could it be’ question, and tell you what it will be and what to be excited for this year!

Voice Box Karaoke

Alright, we’re way too excited for this. What used to be the old Urban Outfitters, will now be a book-your-own-room karaoke lounge. Voice Box will have a full-service bar, a public dining area, and feature private “suites” that include two monitor screens. The whole system included in your suite can be controlled through an online app, where guests can scroll through playlists and also adjust lighting and volume settings. The Portland-based company has three other locations and plans to open this location come September.

voice box karaoke boise
Photo Credit: Voiceboxkaraoke.com

Mod Pizza

If you haven’t heard, the Trader Joes parking lot is going to be even more compact. But before you freak out, just know that a Mod Pizza will be going in and opening sometime later this year. MOD Pizza originated in Seattle and now has over 400 stores across the United States and the United Kingdom. MOD stands for “Made On Demand,” and that’s just what they do. Whether you build your own or go with one of their classic style recipes, you can’t go wrong.


Duck Island at Anne Morrison

Calling all fellow dog lovers! A permanent off-leash dog park is opening in Anne Morrison Park. The area of the park that will be open to your furry friends will be called Duck Island. The city of Boise recently received a $50,000 donation towards the $440,000 that is being used to install the dog park. There will be an area where dogs can swim, which is one of the biggest and most time-consuming projects of the off-leash park. The installation of the swim area will include the process of dredging which will help clean up the pond water inhabited by ducks and geese. 

Idaho Elks Children’s Pavillion

A new sector of St. Lukes will be developed across the street from the main building in Downtown Boise. One of the more prominent features to the new facility will be a sky bridge over Avenue B which will connect the two buildings, making it easier for patients to see multiple physicians at one location. This new project will be the only children hospital in Idaho and will include a Sibling Clubhouse and a demonstration kitchen. This Family Resource Center will be able to tailor all of your children’s needs to a comfortable experience for the whole family.

This wonderful addition to our community is something everyone is looking forward to. Your donations are needed to help make it a reality.

st.luke st luke's
Photo Credit: St.Lukes.org

Certified Kitchen and Bakery

Hyde Park is getting a new addition to one of the older buildings in the area that dates back to the early 1900s. The name also pays tribute to its history, which was once ‘Certified Cleaners’ and served the community for 67 years. Owners to one of the favorite new pizza joints, “The Wylder,” are creating this kitchen and bakery with our bellies in mind. Breakfast items, baked goods, sandwiches, and salads will all be featured on the menu with a counter-style feel.

Be sure to make this a priority spot when you visit Hyde Park later this summer.



Former State & Lemp, chef and owner, and now creators of the new cocktail lounges, Art Haus and Ampersand are planning something new and exciting. The lounges which are located in the old Angell’s building at 999 W. Main St., are going to be transformed into a restaurant and bar. The concept is going to gravitate towards the bar being the more dominant of the two. They both will serve food, but the restaurant will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays, while the bar will be open seven days a week. The space also features an outdoor patio and amphitheater.

We can’t wait for this hip, new hangout coming this fall.


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