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2018 Boise River Float Season is Here!

2018 Boise River Float Season is Here!

You've probably heard the news, but we'd like to share our excitement with you. Float season on the Boise River is open as of Friday, June 22. We repeat, the Boise River float season is open! So, grab some sunscreen and get to Barber Park just in time to rent a raft from Boise River Raft and Tube. Last year's float season, as we're sure some of you may recall, was very short, starting Saturday July 29th due to an increased volume of snow accumulation and subsequent snow melt.

Capital City Public Market in Boise

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Maybe you're like some of us here at Totally Boise and have your own flotation device. Perfect! But if you don't, Boise River Raft and Tube has you covered, both for the transportation to Barber Park from Ann Morrison Park and for your raft. Check out their website for the shuttle bus schedule as well as the information for raft and flotation device rentals.

If you haven't been on the river at all or it’s been awhile, you are in for a real treat. First to enter the river, head to Barber Park at 4049 S. Eckert Rd. Second of all, expect to get wet. It's a river for crying out loud! In fact, it is seven miles of river which follows alongside a good sized portion of the Boise Greenbelt. We might add that this is a popular activity in Boise, so expect a crowd.

Capital City Public Market in Boise

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Here are some tips for newcomers that we Boiseites have picked up along the way.

Shortly after the Park Center Boulevard at Bound Crossing and near Warm Springs Mesa, the current will pull you to the right. Don't let it pull you into the bushes. To avoid this, paddle to the left. If you get confused, paddle in the general direction of everyone else.

Between the Albertson's headquarters and Capitol Boulevard, avoid low-hanging tree lines.

We think one of the best parts of the run is between Municipal Park and the Park Center Boulevard Bridge. Between the 9 th Street Bridge and Take-Out at Ann Morrison Park, enjoy the calmness of your float.

Freak Alley in Boise

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Make sure to exit at Ann Morrison Park at 1000 S. Americana Blvd. This is right before the dam, so stay alert and be ready to exit!

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