Jun 17, 2019

Bogus Fest 2019

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Need plans for the weekend of June 21-22? Well, Bogus Fest might just be the perfect way to kick off your summer. The greatest tribute bands in the nation are set to play the 2-day festival at Bogus Basin Recreation across two stages.

The festival starts at 4 p.m. on Friday, June 21 and 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 22. And for those of you traveling or just don’t feel like going home, there are on-site RV and tent camping. Tickets are available for purchase.

The stages are divided by genre: One classic rock stage, and one country stage.


bogus fest aerosmith
bogus fest vanhalen

Rock Stage


  • No Quarter - Led Zeppelin
  • Stone In Love - Journey
  • Eagle Eyes - The Eagles
  • Jukebox Heroes - Foreigner
  • Barracuda - heart
  • Petty Fever - Tom Petty


  • Motorbreath - Metallica
  • Problem Child - AC/DC
  • Appetite for Deception - Guns N Roses
  • Aerosmith Rocks - Aerosmith
  • Hysteria - Def Leppard
  • Steelhorse - Bon Jovi
  • Dr. Crue - Motley Crue
  • Unchained - Van Jalen (Roth Era)
bogus fest Kenny Chesney
bogus fest Garth Brooks
bogus fest Taylor Swift

Country Stage


  • Frank Garrett - Eric Church
  • Greg West - Jason Aldean
  • Kaylee Starr - Carrie Underwood
  • Mike Sugg -Toby Keith
  • Keith Ormrod - Kenny Chesney
  • Kaylee Starr - Taylor Swift


  • Dean Simmons - Garth Brooks
  • Kim Simmons - Shania Twain
  • Adam Tucker - Tim McGraw
  • Kim Simmons - Gretchen Wilson
  • Paul Sweeney - Willie Nelson

For tickets go to BogusFest.com

For more info and updates check out their social media too.

Instagram: @bogus.fest

Facebook: @bogusfestID

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