Ridge to Rivers Trails

Everything You Need to Know About the Boise Ridge to Rivers Trails

Ridge to Rivers employs a full-time crew of trail experts with collectively 70 years of trail experience. The team makes it their initiative to design various construction methods and maintenance techniques. Ridge to Rivers is committed to providing quality trail opportunities for Boise and the greater Treasure Valley.


Ridge to Rivers is your tell-all to the trails within the area, giving insight into which trails are easier and recommending trails made for the pros. Ridge to Rivers is the valley’s guide to the best biking loops, hiking routes and paths for leisure walks. With a total of 243 miles of trails throughout the area and 199 different trails, Boise and the valley are made for outdoor exploring!

  • 85 Easy Trails - some of which include the Basalt Trail a neighborhood trail leading through Barber Valley, Camel’s Back Trails located in Hyde Park, and the Harrison Hollow Loop located at the base of Bogus Basin.
  • 84 Intermediate Trails - including Central Ridge part of the Military Reserve trails, Deer Point connecting to the Shafer Butte trails, and Kestrel leading you to the Central Foothills trails.
  • 30 Difficult trails - including Chukar Butte located in Dry Creek giving expansive views of the city, Five Mile Gulch containing Cottonwood and Locust trees seldom seen in the foothills, and Lucky Peak an intense workout offering great views of the Treasure Valley.

The Treasure Valley contains 243 miles of trails, 50 of which are the Shafer Butte Trails. The Shafer Butte area trails are located in the mountainous forests and meadows above Boise, surrounding Bogus Basin Road. The rest of the 193 miles are considered the Boise Front Trails and contain all other trails in the area.

See the trails and interactive map here:


Ridge to Rivers Trails

Photo Credit: Taylor Brockhoff


  1. Be mindful
  2. Don’t use wet trails
  3. Stay on the trail
  4. Be respectful
  5. Don’t block trails

Trails Made for Biking (from easier to more difficult)

  • Toll Road Trail #27A / Cottonwood Creek Trail #27
  • Owl’s Roost #37 / Red Fox Trail #36
  • Shane’s Loop #26A
  • Polecat Loop #81
  • Corral Trail #31 / Bob’s Trail #30 / Highlands Trail #1
  • West Highland Valley Trail #11 / Cobb Trail #13 / Homestead Trail #12
  • Kestral Trail #39A / Crestline Trail #28 / Sidewinder Trail #24 / Fat Tire Traverse #42 / Military Reverse Connection #23
Ridge to Rivers Trails Made For Biking

Photo Credit: Taylor Brockhoff

Trails in the Winter

When winter’s on the horizon, not all trails are the most accessible. Ridge to Rivers recommends 11 trails to AVOID when winter conditions appear:

  • Sweet Connie Trail #77
  • Cottonwood Creek Trail #27
  • Old Pen Trail #15A
  • Table Rock Trail #15
  • Polecat Loop #81
  • Big Springs Loop #113
  • Ridgecrest #20
  • Bucktail Trail #20A
  • Central Ridge Spur #22A (north)
  • Central Ridge Spur #22A (south)
  • Red Cliffs #39

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Ridge to Rivers Trails

Photo Credit: Taylor Brockhoff

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