How to Take Care of Boise Trails

Boise has an abundance of nature to offer, it’s our duty to take care of it!

Whether it’s hiking, biking, fishing, camping, or just floating the river Boise has an endless amount of options to embrace nature and get outdoors. With the beauty Boise has to offer it is our responsibility to preserve it. These actions might be simple, but they can make a big impact in our community.


Always be sure to plan ahead and make a game plan, organizing your experience to ensure safety. Check forecasts constantly, especially with Idaho, we never know when a storm can occur. Even a simple daily organizer can make your next outing that next level of greatness. A great source to check is Ridge to Rivers, every day they post an update about the weather and impacts on each trail!

Trail Quality

Either camping or just trailing it is always best to be on hard surfaces. If you’re slipping and sliding around, don’t continue on! If you’re off the trail, don’t continue on! This is just as important for your safety as it is for the trails.

Stop Pollution

Most trails now have some way to dispose of waste, but that doesn’t mean to just leave it on the trail! In order to protect nature and stop pollution properly dispose of waste when available, and if there’s no garbage bin around, take a bag or backpack with you to carry it until you can dispose of it off the trails.

Let it Be

We’ve all been there, we found something really interesting and want to show it off, but there’s a reason it was in nature to begin with. No matter what you find, leave it be and let it continue to grow and amaze others. This way we can ensure it’ll be there next time!

Stove over Campfire

If you plan to be cooking while outdoors it is much better to use a stove than build your own campfire. They are fast, portable and efficient, and don’t require firewood! Most importantly, they leave no trace.


As amazing as wildlife is, it’s important to leave it alone. Wildlife deserves just as much respect as we do. In order to protect both, observe from a distance and keep interactions to as close to zero as possible.

For Everyone

Remember the wilderness is meant for everyone to experience. Be respectful to others on the same trail!

Trail Etiquette

Specifically, with Boise and all the trails we have, it is important to practice trail etiquette. As stated earlier trails can be destroyed and harmed if not properly taken care of. Be sure to check weather conditions as they dictate the quality of the trail. The only time a trail should be used is when it’s solid and dry. Using a wet, muddy trail can lead to trail widening and increased erosion. Always practice trail etiquette when using a Boise trail.

Even if you aren’t getting out that far, you can still contribute within the community. Small things such as using less water, bringing your own grocery bags when shopping, turning off the lights and using or creating a compost bin can help keep Boise green and beautiful!

If you’d like more information click the link and take the pledge!

Trail Etiquette | Preserve Boise

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