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CEO and Founder of Abundant Life, Amber Valdez says there are many misconceptions or myths about the reality of surrogacy. 90% of the conversations Amber and her team have been correcting misinformation. With years of experience and a lot of compassion, they are here to break apart the myths and rumors consistently spread by those who are not in the industry and continue to educate and support those who are looking to join the surrogacy community.Here are the five most common surrogacy myths tha...
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While the Totally Boise team absolutely loves exploring new places to eat, sometimes it can be hindering. Our staff has an expansive range of dietary needs that sometimes it seems impossible to find a place to eat. One place, however, we can agree to eat at every single time is Lemon Tree Co. in Boise.About Lemon Tree Co. in Downtown BoiseExplained as the core of what they do, Lemon Tree Co. has surpassed its goal of being inclusive to all dietary needs. Elevating affordable sandwiches to a culi...
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The year 2021 has been a year of health changes for me. s I struggled to find alternatives for gluten and dairy products, I was introduced to Melt Organic. Made 100% from plants, Melt Organic provides that rich buttery taste we love from dairy-based butter with a bonus, it's made locally!
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A local favorite, Paddles Up Poké, prides itself on providing Idaho’s freshest fish. Let’s be honest, we live in Idaho. How can they ensure they only serve fresh fish?Serving Only the Freshest FoodIf you’re a poké lover, we’re sure you’ve been to Paddles Up. They’ve taken over the Treasure Valley for five years, providing only the tastiest bowls, sushi burritos, and poké nachos. Paddles Up continues to be a strong advocate for only serving...
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As the Fall and Winter months are drawing near, Totally Boise knows how important it is to stay in touch with your own mental health. It is clinically proven that the darker months, stress of the holidays, and other outside influences can increase your stress, anxiety, and depression. Taking a day for self-care is vital in beating the mental blues away and the following four Idaho businesses are here to help you have the ultimate YOU day! In addition, local grief and mental health influence...
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According to Josh Cormier, a local Treasure Valley realtor, finishing real estate school doesn’t necessarily mean you are fully prepared to sell a home. Here’s the scenario that happens all too often; you get out of real estate school, not entirely prepared to take on the many tasks that come with working in real estate. You find a brokerage, and from there, it’s on you to make a deal.In an effort to avoid the stress of being forced to learn the real estate field on your own, W...
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Inspired by the karaoke styles of Japan, Voicebox is Boise’s only private suite karaoke bar. When you walk through the front doors, you feel transported into another world. Their friendly staff greet you with a “hello” from behind the fully stocked bar and lead you to a private singing suite. With eight fully equipped and expertly soundproofed suites, Voicebox karaoke pulled out all the stops on making this singing experience the best you’ll ever have.They have a seemingl...
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We’ve all had a moment where we are looking to have a nice evening or picnic with a perfect pairing of wine and cheese. The art of knowing which cheeses pair with particular wines seems to be limited to trained professionals. The team at Dairy West knew that there had to be a way to educate curious foodies. They came together to create Unbottled and the Unbottled Matchmaker, a free dairy and wine-cheese pairing website software that seeks to educate Idahoans on local dairy. We can agree th...
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