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Salt Sanctuary may very well be one of the most relaxing places in Boise right now amid the COVID outbreak, occasional smokey skies, seasonal allergens, and chaos of 2020 in general. Specializing in halotherapy, Salt Sanctuary serves to provide a relaxing, clean, and healthy haven for guests by utilizing one of the earth’s most natural ingredients, salt.
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Energy drinks are sometimes crucial to getting through the day but may come with regrets when the infamous crash follows. We all know energy drinks are not beneficial to our health, yet we drink them anyway. Thrive Nutrition offers energy drinks, which are, dare we say, clean and healthy.
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Dr. Dustin Portela may be an elusive TikTok star, but his 9-5 job is centered around providing care as a Board-Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon at one of the Treasure Valley’s best dermatology centers. Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center’s team consists of a board-certified dermatologist and physician assistants with extensive knowledge and experience in diagnosing disorders of the skin, hair, and nails. Treasure Valley Dermatology strives to educate its patients w...
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Did you know that the beloved gecko from GEICO is local? Boise has access to its very own local team of GEICO insurance agents who live in and are involved in the Treasure Valley community. Nathan Bude has lived in Idaho for years and has 20 years of underwriting and claims experience.
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IDID is a group of independent doctors and specialists who put their patients’ needs first and foremost. While hospitals are essential, the conflict between doctors and hospital protocols and rules can be frustrating and unnecessary. Independent doctors use their best judgment when treating their patients.
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Newly opened Poké Vibes is seriously delicious. Owner Jordan Tapangco opened Poké Vibes in June of 2020. Although a new business to the area, Tapangco has worked in the industry for a few years and is turning Poké Vibes into a new Totally Boise (and Treasure Valley) favorite.
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Albertsons is reinventing the grocery shopping experience. As we shift into this new digital era, Albertsons is following suit with its Drive Up & Go™ program. They offer free grocery pickup options at over 30 stores in the Treasure Valley.
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