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The Best Soup in Boise to Warm Up With This Fall

Last updated November 05, 2018 by Totally Boise

The Best Soup in Boise to Warm Up With This Fall

It’s starting to get cold out, and lucky for you Boise has oodles of places that have soup recipes that will be sure to keep you warm. From tried-and-true classics to some that are not so traditional, we’ve put together a list that covers the basis of all things soup!

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree
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What used to be Bleu Bird Cafe, is now known as Lemon Tree Co. Along with artisan style sandwiches, they have salads, soups, and an oat dish that’ll make you want to come back. And for just a dollar upcharge you can pair any of the soups, salads, or oats with your sandwich. But as far as their soup goes -- you definitely want to try their Creamy Tomato-Basil.



One of our favorite spots in the Linen District has a creative take on your average daily soup recipe. They don’t just have a tomato soup, but they have Tomato Orange. They have Gazpacho, but it’s Watermelon Gazpacho. And of course, they have some classic favorites like Black Bean and Chicken Noodle. So, whether you're in the mood for something adventurous or classic, there’s something for everyone!

Zee’s Rooftop Cafe

Zee's Rooftop Cafe
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This enjoyable spot for all things cafe-style has heavenly soup that’s made from scratch on the daily. But you can always count on their Roasted Tomato Basil to be there for you on a cold day, or any day really. Oh and if you’re ever looking for some classic style New England Clam Chowder, go to Zee’s on a Friday and you won’t be disappointed.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods
Photo Credit: Whole Foods Market

Everyone knows that Whole Foods is much more than a grocery store. You can take their hot bar to go or have the option to sit and have lunch. Plus you can always count on their hot bar to have a variety of daily specials and favorites. But this is just a reminder that you should always check out their soup because you never know what it might be.

Pho Le

We thought we shouldn’t leave out a Vietnamese favorite among Boise natives. Pho Le, is the go-to spot for pho. They not only have the option for three different sizes, but three different options for their specialty pho. Pho-Nominal, pho-Tastic, and Pho-Sure, and we think the names speak for themselves! But if all you want is a classic style don’t worry, they have Chicken Pho. And if you’re a vegetarian they have an option for you too.


Zeppole Bakery

Zeppole Bakery
Photo Credit: Greenbelt Magazine

Voted Boise’s “Best Lunch” multiple times over the years, along with numerous amounts of other awards for being the best bakery in the Treasure Valley, Zeppole is a must-stop spot. Something that makes their soup so special, is that every day of the week is dedicated to a different recipe. But one thing you’re guaranteed everyday is their delectable Vegetarian Tomato Basil with Ravioli.

  • Monday: Chicken with Wild Rice
  • Tuesday: Baked Potato & Bacon Chowder
  • Wednesday: Cream of Mushroom
  • Thursday: Vegetarian Cheddar Vegetable
  • Friday: Clam Chowder
  • Saturday: Minestrone
  • Sunday: Vegetarian Tomato Basil with Ravioli


A local gem for sub sandwiches, Cobby’s has so many combos you won’t have to look any further. Pair your fresh baked breaded sandwich with either their “soup of the day”, clam chowder or classic chili. Not in the mood for a sandwich? No problem, you have the option of a soup filled bread bowl. We even have a little secret for you..they have free lunch delivery if you order by 10 a.m.!

Papa Joe’s

Papa Joe’s
Photo Credit: Papa Joe’s

This local Italian restaurant is an icon in Boise recognized for offering Sicilian style pizzas and home-style pastas, but there’s another option we love at Papa Joe’s. Papa Joe’s offers four soup options each made from scratch! From the delicious seasonal chili paired with the taste of Italy to creamy cheddar cheese soup filled with bacon and broccoli- Papa Joe’s has soup down!

Roots Zero Waste

Roots Zero Waste Market
Photo Credit: Roots Zero Waste Market

New to the area and known for building the Northwest’s first zero-waste grocery store and cafe is Roots Zero Waste Market. The Roots Cafe is filled with fresh, local and sustainably farmed ingredients turned into breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cafe is designed to inspire home-crafted meals through salads, entrees and of course, SOUP!

Soup Kettle

Soup Kettle
Photo Credit: Soup Kettle

We can’t forget Soup Kettle Grille. Over the course of a year they make over 100 soups! The Soup Kettle sources fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets to make delicious batches of soup fitting for each season. Along with a bowl of soup you can get a grilled cheese, perfect for dipping, or a salad on the side!




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