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Best Sunset Spots in Boise

Last updated October 24, 2018 by Totally Boise

Most people can agree that a good sunset has the capability to make them stop in their tracks and take a moment to appreciate the beauty around them. Here in Boise, we’re lucky enough to have beautiful landscaping to watch the sunrise and sunset. And we certainly know how important it is to find the perfect spot to stop, relax (maybe even picnic), and just enjoy the simple beauty of a sunset. So, we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite spots to catch a sunset worthy of your viewing experience.

1. Table Rock

For anyone who’s lived in Boise, you know that Table Rock is the go-to spot to catch a sunset. Located in the foothills, there are several different trails to choose from. Whether you want a moderate or challenging hike, you can choose. You even have the option of driving right on up to catch the sunset in the knick of time! A scenic place to enjoy a sunset in Boise, Table Rock proves you don’t have to go very far to get a full view of the city.

"The Table Rock area is closed from sundown to sunup for personal safety, fire safety, and wildlife safety. The parking area leading to Table Rock has a gate that automatically closes daily at sundown. People already parked in the area can still leave, as the gate reopens for any vehicles exiting the area. Additionally, people can enter the park before sundown to watch the sunset from across the city. They should be careful when navigating in the dark upon exit, however, as the area can pose personal safety risks." -City of Boise
Table Rock sunset view, Boise Idaho Photo Credit: Creator Jeff Turner

2. Camel's Back Park

Another staple of Boise's recreation scene is Camel’s Back Park. The park features a playground, volleyball and tennis courts, outdoor gym, and plenty of bench area to picnic. But one of the best parts about the park is the trailhead that leads you up a quick hill, to a view of the centralized downtown that's entirely surrounded by trees. Come Spring and Fall you can really tell why Boise is coined the “City of Trees.”.

Camel's Back Park sunset view, Boise Idaho Photo Credit:

3. Simplot Hill

On your way up to Bogus Basin Recreation Area, you may have noticed a large, grassy hill with an American Flag located at the very top. Known as Simplot Hill, and named after the late J.R. Simplot, the Simplot mansion used to be located at the top before it was demolished in 2016. The hill serves as an area for people to hang out, picnic, or even sled down come winter time. With a high enough elevation, you can see the beautiful skyline of the city at sunset.

Simplot Hill sunset view, Boise Idaho Photo Credit: Deena Antonucci

4. Military Reserve

Tucked behind the neighborhoods of Downtown Boise, you can find the 726 acres of The Military Reserve. The area encompasses well-marked hiking and mountain biking trails and designated off-leash pet areas. But one thing really special about this area is no matter what trail you take, you have a beautiful view of nature and the city. 300-degree views make this a top sunset vantage point.

Military Reserve sunset view, Boise Idaho Photo Credit: K. DuBois Photography

5. Boise Train Depot

What most people don’t know about the Boise Train Depot is that there isn’t any restricted access during operating business hours. Built in 1925, the Boise Union Pacific Depot was originally a train station centered in the city. What seems almost strategically planned, the Boise Depot allows you to have views of all the best parts of Downtown Boise. But one of the most iconic features of the already historic building is the bell tower. With easy elevator access, you and the family can experience a stunning view of the city at sunset.

Boise Train Depot sunset view, Boise Idaho Photo Credit: Jeff Osban Photography




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