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Plastic Free for a Week - Choose to Refuse!

Last updated July 25, 2018 by Totally Boise

Totally Boise is going plastic free for a week to participate in the Plastic Free July Challenge. This event emphasizes ‘Choose to Refuse’ of single-use plastic. Originating in Western Australia circa 2011, the challenge has now spread to over 150 countries with millions of participants! When Totally Boise became aware of Plastic Free July, we decided to take the next step and learn how to become plastic-free in an affordable and efficient way. With a little research, we discovered easy steps and simple changes to guide us through applying the challenge to our office space. With that, we hope you will join us on July 23-27, 2018 for a week of minimizing single-use plastic in your life to help prevent plastic landfill waste!

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We will be sharing with you how we are doing throughout the week of following these specific ‘Choose to Refuse’ rules:

No straws
We will be using metal or paper straws.
No plastic water bottles
We’ll rely on metal, glass, or BPA-free reusable water bottles.
No plastic bags for food storage
As mentioned, we are an office and food delivery is our best friend! With this elimination, we’ll be packing brown bag lunches which will help us focus on other healthy lifestyle changes too.
No plastic utensils
Step one, we will bring food from home. Step two, we will bring the silverware as well!
No plastic lids
If we order coffee to go, we will refuse a lid or bring our own to-go cup
Recycling the unavoidable
For some of us, plastic is sometimes necessary, especially when on the go. We will be appropriating orange energy bags in our office to collect all recyclable plastics that cannot be avoided.

Will world pollution no longer be a huge issue? No. Will we be solving the inner workings of climate change? No! However, we are taking the next steps in becoming a more environmental-friendly workplace, that advocates for our planet. We love our city and everything it works on to eliminate waste, and it is time we start doing our part!

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