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The Totally Boise Team Became Woodworkers For A Day!

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

Finding new hobbies can be challenging, especially during a time when social distancing is necessary.

Woodcraft of Boise makes social distancing easy while providing the perfect introduction to, or opportunity to advance your skill set in, the craft of woodworking. The Totally Boise team recently had the chance to participate in two of the classes offered at Woodcraft.

Woodworking Classes in Boise

Several instructors offer a variety of woodworking classes in which you make different projects or learn special techniques. During our woodworking class, our instructors, Rex Hansen and Gabrielle Krake, were knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us safely through the classes we took on making a pen and woodblock printing. They made us feel like pros! We had a blast and are eager to sign up for future Woodcraft classes!

Navigator Rollerball Pen

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I realized our team would be making pens from scratch. To start, we were each assigned a lathe station and given safety gear. A lathe is a turning tool that rotates a workpiece — providing a perfectly smooth and sanded outcome. Before we started on our wooden pens, our instructor Rex Hansen had us practice on a bigger wooden block, which allowed us to get the machine's feel and practice making the shape of the wood we would be creating. By the end of the class, we each had our own unique, handcrafted wooden pen. I chose to purchase a pen case from Woodcraft and gift mine for Christmas.

Woodblock Printmaking

The Woodblock Printmaking process was unique in that every student's print came out differently. Our instructor, Gabrielle Krake, started us off with a woodblock and a paper outline of a plant in a vase. We each carved an outline of the design into the block — using different methods and various sized wooden carving tools. For the final step, we inked our woodblocks and pressed them onto cardstock. This class was the perfect creative outlet. The repetitive carving motions were stress-reducing and felt therapeutic.

Other Woodworking Classes Offered

Woodcraft has made it their initiative to bring the skills and creativity behind woodworking to the Boise community through classes for groups, teams, couples, or individuals. Each class is dedicated to helping you take on a new woodworking skill. Courses offered at Woodcraft of Boise include:

  • Holiday Card Making (with wood stamps)
  • Bowl Turning
  • Intermediate Carving
  • Introduction to Basic FInishing
  • Wood Staining

Adapting Classes During COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a need for extra caution, which Woodcraft understands. In response, they've limited class sizes to ensure the health and safety of their guests. Students are now able to social distance and have more quality time with the instructor to guide them through the processes. Masks are required during the duration of the class.

Woodcraft of Boise continuously switches up their available classes. Visit their website to view a calendar of their monthly classes, request information, or book a private class for yourself and friends.

Woodworking at Home

If you prefer to create a unique piece on your own, shop Woodcraft's supplies for all of your wood crafting needs. The staff is extremely experienced and passionate about answering any questions you may have about your home project.

Read more about Woodcraft here:

Woodcraft Totally Boise Article

Woodcraft of Boise Website

Phone: (208) 338-1190

Location: 7005 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID 83709




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