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Build Your Forever Home With Solitude Homes & Spotlight Real Estate

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

Building your dream home can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Solitude Homes alleviates the stress caused by home building. They guide clients through the process and cater to their lifestyle. Solitude Homes provides full transparency and honesty throughout each part of the process, developing the home you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle by buying a home; build your custom dream home with Solitude Homes.

Custom Treasure Valley Homes

In the Treasure Valley, there are a minimal number of builders. While many builders create “custom homes” with a standard design for clients, Solitude creates one-of-a-kind custom homes. Founder and CEO of Solitude Homes, Cody Weight, considers his client’s needs with every build.

“We help you design a custom floor plan to fit your style, budget, and needs,” said Weight.

Ensuring that each client is getting the home they deserve, Weight sits down with each client at the start of the process –– providing excellent service, communication, and accessibility.

“We eliminate financial surprises and offer full transparency of pricing and materials every step of the way.” –– Solitude Homes

Their no upgrade point of view stems from their truly custom build foundations. With the priority of creating stunning, functional homes, Solitude Homes has worked closely with the new construction real estate company, Spotlight Realty, for over seven years.

Solitude Homes and Spotlight Real Estate Join Forces

Over the last few decades, Boise and the surrounding Treasure Valley have been praised as a top ten city to live, work, and play. The national articles recognize Boise for the vast nearby natural amenities, low crime, quality of living, and kind people. As a result, the Treasure Valley housing market is thriving, with people choosing to custom build their dream home in an area that represents their dream lifestyle.

New Construction Specialist, Jen Hickie, says Spotlight Real Estate works with only the best builders within The Treasure Valley.

Putting it into perspective, Jenn explains that there are roughly 8,000 agents in the Treasure Valley and about only 40 builders, making the relationships you develop incredibly exclusive.

What makes the combination of Solitude Homes and Spotlight Real Estate a dream team is:

  • Their eagerness to serve
  • Dedication to each client
  • Expertise of Boise and the surrounding cities
  • Crossover knowledge of one another’s industries
  • Ability to communicate well with one another and homebuyers

Spotlight’s New Construction Specialists not only work with construction workers, but they inform home buyers of helpful questions they should be asking.

Award-Winning Boise Area Homes

When you choose Solitude Homes as your builder, you choose to work with an experienced company that creates innovative, award-winning home designs.

  • Houzz 2020 Design
  • Houzz 2020 Service
  • Houzz 2018 Design
  • Houzz 2017 Service
  • International Recognized Farmhouse Designs

Building a custom home may sound daunting when, in reality, it isn’t much different from buying a home — but it comes with a lot of added perks. The key is finding the right combination of real estate agency and builder. Solitude Homes and Spotlight Real Estate work together seamlessly to make the experience exciting and enjoyable. They are the perfect team to build the home of your dreams!

Contact Solitude Homes:

Solitude Homes Website

Call: (208) 724-0555

Contact Spotlight Real Estate:

Spotlight Real Estate Website Buy Build Boise Website

Call: (208) 577-7777




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