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Boise Dermatologist Launches Skincare Line Perfect for Idahoans: 208 Skin Doc

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

A change in seasons can be stressful on your skin, which is why going to Treasure Valley Dermatology is the solution to keeping your skin in tiptop shape this winter. Known for his viral TikTok’s, social media posts, podcasts, and appearances on the local news, Dr. Dustin Portela, seems to find more time during the day than most of us do. He serves as a Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon at the clinic he opened in 2017, Treasure Valley Dermatology. He’s driven by a passion for educating his patients and followers about helpful skincare tips for all skin types. Dr. Portela has managed yet another impressive accomplishment this year with the little free time he has, launching his skincare line, 208 Skin Doc.

208 Skin Doc products are cruelty-free and created with the idea of providing quality products at a favorable price for consumers. Dr. Portela’s skincare line consists of five products that are great for maintaining your skin, especially during a dry, cold Idaho winter.

Collagen Boosting C+E Serum

This serum is a protectant against ultraviolet light, environmental pollution, and toxins. The biggest bonus of this product is preventing premature aging while repairing the skin from sun damage. Use 3-4 drops on clean, dry skin before sunscreen and moisturizer application.

Recommended for: All skin types, $45

Benzoyl Peroxide Wash

Dealing with acne is never fun —this gentle benzoyl peroxide cleanser is an excellent option for those suffering from acne. Without removing all oils (since some are beneficial), this wash helps fight against excess oils your face may be producing while reducing acne breakouts.

Recommended for: Acne, Oily skin type, $18

Mineral Sunscreen

Dr. Portela is a big advocate for adding sunscreen protection to your skincare routine. It can lower the risk of future skin damage, cancers, and aging. It’s easy to layer under makeup and won’t clog your pores. Simply add it to your routine after you moisturize. Another benefit of 208 Skin Doc’s mineral sunscreen is that it doesn’t have an overpowering sunscreen smell many products tend to have.

Recommended for: All skin types, $25

Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

If you aren’t big into wearing foundation but want an extra boost to your complexion, this broad-spectrum tinted mineral sunscreen has a light matte finish for a natural look. It’s easy to layer under your makeup or use by itself. Add it to your routine after you moisturize.

Recommended for: All skin types, $29

Retinol Serum 1.0

This anti-aging serum is excellent for anyone who wants to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Before moisturizing, add a few drops to promote cell turnover — a process in which your body creates new cells and is great for healthy and fresh feeling skin. This serum also has retinol to fight acne and vitamins C and E to repair your skin. Dr. Portela recommends using this serum at night before moisturizing.

Recommended for: All skin types, $50

Starting Your New Skincare Routine

It’s important to know that it takes time for your skin to adapt when trying new products. Dr. Portela suggests trying out a new product for at least 4-6 weeks. Another tip is to remember that everyone has a different skin type, so what may work best for you may not work for someone else. Try to look at potential products that will favor your skin type, or schedule a dermatology appointment to start your journey to healthier skin!

Come by either Treasure Valley Dermatology location (Eagle Rd. or Curtis Rd.) to purchase 208 Skin Doc products.

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Dr. Portela is also the host of his very own podcast, Between Two Derms — which of course, is all things dermatology! Listen here Visit Website




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