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Get to Know Your Birth Chart with Boise Astrologer Stephanie Telesco

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

What is Astrology?

We all do it — flip to the back of the newspaper to read our daily horoscope in hopes of figuring out why we may be feeling the way we do that day, week, or month. After speaking with local astrology expert Stephanie Telesco, we now know that astrology isn’t just about daily horoscopes.

Having a comprehension of astrology since she was young, professional astrologer Stephanie Telesco grew up in a culture that embraced the unknown.

“In the Philippines, many people believe in things that can’t be seen. And so I was always interested in astrology,” said Telesco.

Flash forward to when Telesco was 19 years old. She received her first reading, and her passion for astrology blossomed.

Getting a Reading from Telesco

Telesco believes that astrology can give people a chance to understand themselves and those around them better. She’s a firm believer that understanding your astrological makeup can help you live a more informed and fulfilling life by understanding more about what makes you the way you are.

“I love sharing it. I find delight in helping others understand,” said Telesco.

Telesco offers a range of readings, depending on what topic an individual is interested in clarifying. The most important part of a reading with Telesco is that she’s there to help share an understanding of Astrology, including its impact on how you present yourself in the world.

The first step Telesco takes with new clients is dissecting their birth chart. Astrology birth charts are based on the sky from the moment of birth — the stars, moon, and sun all play a role in your birth chart. Introductory sessions are about an hour and a half to two hours filled with learning about how your moment of birth is associated with the sky. According to astrology, the sky’s elements can impact you as a person — including how you react, your unique potential, and the challenges you face.

Telesco also offers group consultations, compatibility, fixed star reports, and other astrology readings.

Astrology Practices

There are many different astrology practices and meanings. Here are a few that Telesco shared with Totally Boise.

Horary Astrology: This method of astrology, like an oracle, answers questions based on horoscopes reflecting the time the question is asked.

Mundane Astrology: Location is an essential factor in Mundane Astrology. It focuses on the study of places and understanding events occurring during that specific time in the sky. For instance, Idaho has its very own birth chart.

Hellenistic Astrology: Originating around 1st century BCE, Hellenistic Astrology is traditional Greco-Roman astrology originating from ancient Egyptian synthesis.

Houses, Signs, and Planets

As mentioned above, your birth isn’t just about your astrological sign. In astrology, there are 12 houses, 12 signs, and 10 planets. Each house, sign, and planet represent characteristics. By using an almost mathematical like equation, Telesco can dissect personality traits, motivations, and possible life focuses of clients.

A Boise Business Owner

An entrepreneur, Telesco, has spearheaded a few business endeavors. Her seemingly most famous was the one-of-a-kind Boise hotspot — Brick Oven Bistro. The restaurant prided itself on creating unique dishes. Menu items such as Creamy Country Corn Gravy with Hand Mashed Potatoes or the Cheddar Vegetable Chowder were sensations at the restaurant, so much so Telesco and her husband/partner released a cookbook. Two Million Meals Later can be found in Boise bookstores, including Rediscovered Books.

With her intricate understanding of astrology, Telesco has been able to apply her knowledge to her previous business ventures throughout her life.

“I have always told people that I consider astrology to be like playing three-dimensional chess because you are looking through many different layers,” said Telesco.

Get to Know Telesco and Understand Astrology

To find out how to book a reading with Telesco or to better understand the ideology of Astrology, visit her website:

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