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Last updated September 29, 2020 by Totally Boise

We all have dreams — some dream of becoming president and some dream of doing yoga with goats. Goat yoga has become seemingly more popular over the years and has even made its way to Boise. Located in the backyard of Urban Farm, by Lively Balance Wellness Studio, Boise Goat Yoga is a relaxing way to practice yoga while in the company of goats.

Boise Goat Yoga

Animals are known to relieve stress, anxiety, and just simply put you in a better mood. While yoga also is an exercise to reduce stressors, having animals there makes it even better.

Boise Goat Yoga starts the session off with a hot herbal tea or refreshing cucumber water. Once you’re warmed up, the goats come out to play!

Lively Balance Wellness Studio guides you through a vinyasa flow yoga session. After the session, you can mingle with your new furry friends and take photos. Joining the class are seven miniature pygmy goats and two Nigerian dwarfs. The local wellness studio has been host to numerous goat yoga classes this summer and has a few classes left on their calendar.

Photo Credit: Boise Goat Yoga Facebook

Host Private Parties

Boise Goat Yoga also offers the experience of having your own private group yoga experience. Whether it be for a team bonding exercise, bridal shower, or any other party, Boise Goat Yoga can host up to groups of 10 people for a private experience.

Lively Balance Wellness Studio in Boise

On top of goat yoga, Lively Balance provides many holistic services:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Playshops
  • Retreats
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Long Distance Fitness Training
  • Online Exercise Recordings

Lively Balance Wellness Studio wants you to be the best version of yourself by offering services and workshops to fit your lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Boise Goat Yoga Instagram

Upcoming Classes

Boise Goat Yoga only has a few classes left on their calendar, schedule your goat yoga class here!

Goat Yoga Info/Scheduling

Photo Credit: Boise Goat Yoga Facebook




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