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7 Local Gems in Boise

Last updated April 19, 2018 by Totally Boise

The Shed

Location: 110 S. La Pointe St.

Photo from The Shed Faceook Page

The Shed is located on La Pointe street near Ann Morrison park. It is the perfect place to grab a drink, watch the game, or indulge in some awesome food. Join them for happy hour daily from 3-6pm. This includes $2 Domestic Drafts, $3.30 Micro Drafts, $3 Well Drinks, $1 Off Wine, and appetizer specials.
Visit their Facebook Page

Taqueria La Flama

Location: 1680 N, W Westland Dr


La Taqueria Flama is about 10 min from downtown Boise and worth the drive. They offer delicious mexican cuisine including the famous wet burrito. This “hole-in- the-wall” restaurant quickly became popular among the Boise community so it isn’t so hidden anymore but still worth checking out!
Visit their website here: Taqueria La Flama

Uncle Guiseppe's

Location: 6826 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID


Uncle Giuseppe’s is located in Garden City, just 15 minutes from downtown Boise. They are a casual strip-mall eatery specializing in classic Italian sandwiches filled with meats & cheeses. The owner is from New York so you can expect the authentic NY recipes and atmosphere when visiting this restaurant. Not to mention he imports a lot of his meats, ravioli, cheese, etc from NYC. Ba-da- bing ba-da- boom! You know what you’re having for lunch now!
Visit their website here: Uncle Guiseppe's

Cloud 9 Brewery

Location: 1750 W State St


Cloud 9 is North End’s nanopub found in 2012. They pride themselves in offering something special and unique to the Boise community. Instead of having the same beers on tap every month, the beers on tap change as soon as the previous beer is finished. With only 6 year-round beers you can expect something new each time you visit!
Visit their website here: Cloud 9

Mister BBQ

Location: 1329, 5163 N Glenwood S

Photo from Totally Boise

You’ve probably seen our previous article on this awesome BBQ joint, and if you haven’t go check it out! Mister BBQ is a Southern Style BBQ restaurant offering everything from their famous buttermilk pie to their tender tri-tip sandwich! For more info on the dishes we tried, follow this link to our article for all the juicy details!
Visit article here: Mister BBQ

Cobby's Sandwiches

Location: 6899 W Overland Rd & 4348 W Chinden Blvd & 1030 Broadway Ave


If you’re looking for a delicious sandwich made with fresh ingredients and soft fresh rolls then this place is for you! Their soup and sandwich combo makes for an awesome lunch that’s sure to fill you up! There’s nothing fancy shmancy about it and that is what makes it so great! Simplicity at its finest.
Visit their website here: Cobby's Sandwiches


Location: 1114 W Front St

Manfred’s is the place to go when you’re craving some genuine comfort food. Their cubano sandwich and tacodilla are some fan favorites. You will not be disappointed no matter what you order. Their slogan is “It’s just good food” and anyone who has been agrees! If you are in Boise and haven’t tried this hidden gem you are missing out!
Visit their websire here: Manfred's




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