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Underhill Garden, The Historic Boise Event Venue You Need to Know About

Last updated August 31, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

A beautiful, vibrant, cottage in the hills? That’s how one could describe Underhill Garden. Created from local materials, Underhill Garden allows you to be a part of the authentic and uniquely Idaho experience.

Underhill Garden event venue in Boise hills

The History of Underhill Garden

In 1968, a family of six began building the beautiful house we now know as Underhill Garden. Working tirelessly over 15 years, this family collected rocks from all over Idaho that continue to make up the walls throughout the entire home. When you walk in, you’re greeted by tall rock walls, marble floors, cathedral ceilings, and antiqued wood. The perfect way to describe this space is vintage meets modern chic.

Fun fact the marble floors come from the Capitol Building before it was renovated in 1968.

Every piece of the house built by the family remains intact. The rocks that make up the walls’ structure are from Oakley, Idaho and throughout the state. Each rock was handpicked by the family, talk about dedication and work ethic! Joe, one of the sons of the family, welded the railings at the age of 16, these railings continue to hold firm in the house.

This building is filled with history and love from the family that built it and since has transitioned into a winery. Most recently, it has been artistically renovated to the fresh, inspiring event space, known as the Underhill Garden.

Embracing the amazing pieces of history that Underhill Garden holds onto, guests are invited to plant trees in the outdoor yard during weddings. Allowing guests to leave a piece of their own history behind, and then come back to visit it and leave their personal mark. This space becomes a memento that leaves guests wanting to revisit.

Underhill Garden event venue in Boise hills

The Underhill Garden Event Space

Underhill Garden is made up of five event spaces that encompass the 9,800 square foot area and six acres of surrounding land. Each setting is uniquely different from the next and takes on the charming character that embraces the entire house.

Here are a detailed list of each space located at Underhill Garden

  • The inside: The ground floor, cocktail space, and upstairs interior make up this space. Immediately upon entering the front door, you’re surrounded by marble floors and a grand staircase. If you walk up those stairs you’ll enter the cocktail space which is surrounded by funky lounge chairs and includes a bar top to get the drinks flowing. Natural light surrounds the entire event space with large windows, and curtains that can turn that evening party sunshine to a darker late-night ambiance.
  • Hearts Way: This huge outside space overlooks Shadow Valley Golf Course’s 14th tee. This space is filled with green grass and lush vegetation, tiered on top of each other, making it the perfect place to host a variety of events from family reunions to company retreats. 200 chairs fit in this space, but there’s plenty of land surrounding, leaving room for large groups.
  • The downstairs: Directly located on top of the natural hot spring, this downstairs room is the perfect spot for an intimate event. A haven for movie nights and game nights, this space consists of two large rooms, easily customizable for any type of event. This space alone took 10 years for the founders to build. It includes large stained-glass windows, doors that open up straight to the front patio, and an indoor fountain that streams the hot spring water.
    Underhill Garden event venue in Boise hills
  • The game room: A man cave times ten. This game space is currently being used for vintage arcade games but will soon be turned into the cool man cave every man dreams of. With a pool table and giant movie screen, it will be designed for people to plug in their game console while lounging in comfy chairs. With two doors, this space opens to the flat outdoor area that is perfect for food trucks to drive up or host team-building activities.
  • The second outdoor space: The biggest space offered at Underhill Garden. This space encompasses the entire front lawn, including a pond, stone bridge, gazebo, and a 3,000 square foot greenhouse. Standing out here, you are surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of the Boise Foothills. As an added bonus, you have a view of Stack Rock making it a picture-perfect event space.

The entire garden is located on a natural hot spring, so in winter, the front pond steams, and lily pads bloom, filling the pond with extra green beauty. The hot spring provides geothermal power to the entire house.

Underhill Garden event venue in Boise hills

A Perfect Boise Event Space

Located on the Shadow Valley Golf Course, Underhill Garden is an ideal site for corporate events, retreats, holiday parties, family reunions, weddings, weekend getaways, and more.

Underhill Garden’s event space is truly one of a kind, offering a charming natural ambiance, picturesque views, lush vegetation, and an authentic Idaho experience.

At Underhill Garden, you’re invited to be a part of Idaho’s history, while engaging in innovation, creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Learn more about the Underhill Experience and how you can host your next event here:

Underhill Garden Experience

Phone: (208) 202-2444
Location: 9600 W. Brookside, Ln., Boise, ID 83714




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