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Explore Boise and beyond with Wandervans

Last updated August 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

Totally Boise is all about adventures, especially in Idaho. Wandervans is the perfect campervan rental that allows customers to personalize their road trip experience. Two of Totally Boise’s staff members have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to take a Wandervan out on the open road, and they can’t stop recommending Wandervan to everyone around!

Here are the top three reasons why you should rent with Wandervans

1. Three sizes to choose from

Wandervans have three campervan sizes to choose from: small, medium, and large. The most significant difference between the sizes of campervans is the height and length of the vehicle. While the small and medium-size campervans can sleep two people, the large can sleep up to four people. Totally Boise suggests if you are taller, rent the medium-size camper. If you want a more spacious campervan, go large. Each camper van comes with a cooler for food, a heater to keep you warm all night, a sink, and curtains for privacy.

2. Adventure Guide

Wandervan’s website has an informative page of suggestions for different types of campers. Whether you are a first-time or seasoned camper, Wandervans has a list of national parks, packing guides, and showering options while on the road. Wandervans have made exploring easy by listing different Boise areas to explore, depending on what you are interested in doing. Totally Boise’s favorite recommendation was their travel guide Idaho Tour Part Two. This tour suggests a trip from Boise to the Canadian border!

The Wandervan Travel Guide
Totally Boise Recommends Wandervans
Totally Boise Recommends Wandervans Adventure Vans

Beginning Campers

“While some people are more experienced campers, I have been camping a total of two times in my 28 years of living that I can remember. Renting a Wandervan made my camping experience spectacular. It was an easy and comfortable way to start traveling and going outdoors.” - Lauren, Totally Boise

Wandervans has easy camping tips and tricks for beginner campers.

Check out their Campervan Camping Basics here:

Camping Basics

Experienced Campers

Wandervans makes traveling super easy and gives experienced campers more opportunities to travel further and longer with Wandervans. Grab your mountain bike, explore new trails, set out to find new bouldering spots, or park your Wandervan and relax in the beauty of Idaho.

3. Endless Travel Possibilities

Since Wandervans makes it effortless to travel, the possibilities are endless. Plan a road trip through Idaho to explore hot springs and hiking trails or take the Wandervan to the Oregon Coast to see the beautiful beaches. While Totally Boise’s Lead Developer, Toby, opted to take his Wandervan to South of Hood River, Lauren opted to take a trip to Bend and go on a brewery tour. The campervans cover up to 125 miles per day and $0.35 per mile for overage.

Wandervans has three locations currently: Boise, Salt Lake City, and Portland.

Check out Toby’s experience in a Wandervan:

5 Days in a Wondervan
Totally Boise Recommends Wandervans
Totally Boise Recommends Wandervans Adventure Vans

Did you know that Wandervans Can Customize Your Van?

Are you thinking of buying a Sprinter van? Whether you just need updates done to your current sprinter van or want to purchase one and customize it, Wandervans can help!

Get help from Wandervans

View Website

Wandervans doesn’t just rent campervans, Wandervans creates the ability to make lasting memories and explore Idaho and beyond. Wandervans make camping trips easy. Having an enclosed place to sleep, the weather isn’t an issue, and being on wheels gives you the flexibility to explore more grounds with Wandervans.

During COVID-19 social distancing measures, Wandervans provides an excellent opportunity to travel while still staying distantly safe from others.

Rent your Wandervan today!

Phone: (888) 861-6776
Location: 277 S. 27th St., Boise, ID 83702





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