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Inhale, Exhale & Repeat at Salt Sanctuary in Boise

Last updated August 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

Salt Sanctuary may very well be one of the most relaxing places in Boise right now amid the COVID outbreak, occasional smokey skies, seasonal allergens, and chaos of 2020 in general. Specializing in halotherapy, Salt Sanctuary serves to provide a relaxing, clean, and healthy haven for guests by utilizing one of the earth’s most natural ingredients, salt.

The tiny particles of salt in the air surrounding the guests create natural healing benefits. Salt is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial agent. While relaxing in a salt room receiving a halotherapy treatment, Founder Christina Baylis says, “As the salt clears our respiratory tract, it can help boost your immune system.“

By breathing in salt, it enters the respiratory tract, improving lung function. Baylis informed us that people who suffer from asthma, eczema, and acne can benefit from halotherapy as an adjunct therapy to other treatment plans.

What Do the Salt Rooms Look Like?

Salt Sanctuary has three rooms to choose from. Each room is filled with thousands of pounds of Himalayan salt.

“A Halogenerator is used to grind and disperse pharmaceutical grade salt in high concentrations as a salt aerosol into the air of the treatment rooms. Salt therapy uses the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of salt to bring inflammation down inside the respiratory tract, leaving you breathing easier,” said Baylis.

Each room is set up slightly differently. The room Totally Boise experienced, had six reclining super comfortable beach-like chairs, and each person got to relax on their own organic blanket and neck rest. No shoes are allowed in the rooms, but socks are provided for the duration of the treatment.

Salt Sanctuary Boise Idaho, Salt Healing

What Do You Do Once You're in a Salt Room?

The simple answer is, relax and breathe. Visiting Salt Sanctuary is like being on a private island. The salt on the ground mimics sand, while the relaxing music puts your mind and body at ease.

The Totally Boise team spent 45 minutes in one of Salt Sanctuary’s salt rooms and enjoyed all the benefits of halotherapy.

We started the treatment conversing but quickly fell into a relaxation state as if we’d fallen into a trance. Within 15 minutes, three members of Totally Boise were completely asleep. The sounds of relaxing music and the very clean and fresh air encouraged tranquility.

After 45 minutes, we were gently awakened by Baylis. As we exited the treatment room, there was fresh filtered water waiting for us. Baylis asked if we enjoyed our session and even said that she could tell when we entered a relaxed state when our giggles heard in the beginning quickly faded.

Salt Sanctuary Offers Other Healthy Services

Salt Sanctuary offers many types of massages: Therapeutic, Cranial Sacral, Cupping, Essential Oil Massage, CBD Oil Massage, Face Lift Massage, and a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Along with relaxing massages, Salt Sanctuary offers Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion Sessions. Salt Sanctuary has a way of making every person who walks through the door relaxed and in good hands.

The best part? Salt Sanctuary is beneficial for people of all ages.

Who Should Visit Salt Sanctuary?

Being toxin-free and having many health benefits, Salt Sanctuary is a great place to take children. Salt Sanctuary offers a family room for kids to play in while enjoying the clean salty air (toys provided). Another bonus, the room disinfects itself and everything in it.

The rooms can also be booked and used for team meetups and school studies.

Whether hosting a team-building session or studying, the atmosphere helps ensure you maintain a calibrated focus.

Baylis suggested bringing face masks to further ensure cleanliness. We’re here to let you know- anyone and everyone can benefit from salt therapy.

Everything about Salt Sanctuary is relaxing from the moment you walk in. From the toxin-free paint on the walls to the organic blankets and headrest to the music playing softly throughout rooms. Cleanse your lungs and relax your mind and body with Salt Sanctuary.

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Salt Sanctuary Boise Idaho, Healing Salt Rooms
Salt Sanctuary Boise Idaho, Holistic Healing with Salt
Salt Sanctuary Boise Idaho, Himalayan Salt Rooms




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