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Create Your Own Happy ‘Clean’ Meal at Thrive Nutrition

Last updated August 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

Energy drinks are sometimes crucial to getting through the day but may come with regrets when the infamous crash follows. We all know energy drinks are not beneficial to our health, yet we drink them anyway. Thrive Nutrition offers energy drinks, which are, dare we say, clean and healthy.

Thrive Nutrition offers over 15 flavors of clean energy bombs and is continually creating specialty flavors. Loaded with antioxidants and aloe, Thrive energy bombs build lasting stamina throughout the day, without the crash. With the school year starting, why not turn to an energy drink that’s good for you?

Totally Boise Recommends Thrive Nutrition

Thrive Nutrition’s energy bombs are the perfect drink to maintain motivation through long school days, whether online or in person.

Totally Boise’s Favorite Clean Energy Bombs:

  • Blue Hawaiian: lime, pineapple, coconut
  • Buster Bronco: Orange and blue raspberry
  • Starburst (A new main menu addition): Think pink and bursting with starburst flavor!
  • Mermaid: Lime, cucumber, and lavender.

Thrive Nutrition is always inventing new flavors, so many, that Thrive has a secret menu of past specials that you can order.

Thrive Nutrition also whips up shakes that are not only sweet and delicious but packed with nutrition macros. Meals in liquid forms may sound crazy to most, but Thrive Nutrition crafts scrumptious shakes with all the necessary nutrients a typical meal would have. The shakes come in over 20 flavors.

Totally Boise’s Shake Obsessions:

  • Chocolate Covered Pretzel
  • Iced Coffee Cake
  • Tropic Like It’s Hot
  • Thin Mint

Totally Boise’s go-to combo is the Chocolate Covered Pretzel shake paired with a Starburst Bomb — the perfect blend of chocolate and tart-sweet flavors.

Totally Boise Recommends Thrive Nutrition

Owner Angie Kohlwey says to think of the shakes as a meal and the energy drinks as a beverage if you were going out to eat. The combo meals are an excellent option for those on the go or simply trying to make healthier choices.

Although the drinks lure customers in, it’s the owner’s thoughtfulness that keeps them coming back. Kohlwey cares about her customers so much that she adds her own special touch to each shake — a handwritten motivational quote on the cup, leaving customers feeling empowered. While the healthy “meal” options are great, some people may be lost as to how to continue their health journey outside Thrive Nutrition.

Thrive Nutrition offers one-on-one coaching for customers who need extra guidance on their health journey.

Helping You Create Meal Plans with Health Coaching

Not sure where to start? Thrive Nutrition has coaches who create meal plans based on your goals. Implementing their shakes, energy bombs, and healthy whole foods, Thrive Nutrition will help educate and guide their clients to a healthier lifestyle.

21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge

The best way to stay motivated sometimes is by changing up your routine. Every month Thrive Nutrition has a healthy habit challenge that allows clients to achieve new health goals. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit; Thrive Nutrition helps you do that.

Whether you are looking for a midday energy pick-me-up or a lifestyle change, Thrive Nutrition offers all of the necessary (and delicious) drinks to have you thriving in no-time. A bonus for drinking at Thrive Nutrition; every time you check in on social media and tag Thrive, you get $1 off your drink!

Totally Boise Recommends Thrive Nutrition

Learn more about Thrive Nutrition’s dedication to our community: Click Here

How To Order From Thrive Nutrition

They make it easy and fast to order. Just download the Thrive Nutrition app and start your day with clean energy.

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Phone: (970) 531-1623
Location: 5120 W Overland Rd suite b, Boise, ID 83705
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