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Get Creative and Learn Woodworking this Fall with Woodcraft Boise

Last updated August 31, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

“Inspiring people to learn and make things on their own” - Monte Eldfrick proud owner of Woodcraft Boise.

Monte and the entire team at Woodcraft are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect supplies for their next project, big or small. But it isn’t just high-quality supplies. Woodcraft is focused on the idea that everyone can be a woodworker.

Woodcraft is a family-owned and operated business that cherishes close connections with its woodworking and talented customers who they refer to as “extended family.” For ten years, Woodcraft of Boise has been working out of its storefront off Overland Road but has been a part of the local Treasure Valley business community for over 15 years. Over the years, they’ve become one of Boise’s most high-quality supply stores and continue to impress their daily visitors.

Woodwork Boise, providing woodworking classes in the fall of 2020

Everyone Can Be A Woodworker

Woodcraft believes that given the opportunity, everyone can become a woodworker, which is why they’re frequently providing opportunities for the Boise community to take workshop classes. Classes are offered for all levels, with focuses on different projects or skills. Some of the most popular classes are:

  • Bird Houses
  • Cabinet Making
  • Wood Carving
  • Rolling Pens
  • Custom Wood Spoons and Bowls
  • Wooden Cutting and Charcuterie Boards

Depending on the class’s project focus, classes can range from three hours, eight hours, to even a multi-day class. In workshop classes, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be working with a skilled and trained professional who is prepared to walk you through the project step by step, emphasizing learning the fundamentals of woodworking.

Woodcraft of Boise Woodworking Class Schedule:

The class schedule and more information on class times can be found here

Woodcraft Boise Classes

The best part about workshop classes at Woodcraft is they are an excellent activity for social distancing. Registration is required before the class, and depending on what class you’re taking the average class size ranges from 6-10 people. If you aren’t comfortable with taking classes with other people, gather a group of your friends or turn it into a private date night and learn how to build that project you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest.

The Benefits of Woodworking

After talking with the team at Woodcraft, we found out there are some pretty great benefits to getting into woodworking. The first of which, woodworking is actually a great form of therapy. It allows people to take their mind off their usual thoughts and instead allows them to dive into the process of woodworking. Utilizing their hands and brain, many students devour the projects and new skills they are learning due to an interest and desire to create the perfect project.

Hand crafted wooden kitchen utensils made by Woodcraft Boise

Not Just A Store Full Of Woodworking Supplies

Woodcraft doesn’t only provide classes for woodworking, but shelves all necessary wood project supplies, including lumber, plywood, finishing supplies, techniques, epoxy and so much more. Typically, epoxy has been applied to concrete and garage floors in Boise. But now, with the correct woodworking techniques, you can apply epoxy paint to wood to give it the perfect finished touch.

Woodcraft isn’t the average supply store. It is also dedicated to providing educational and experienced advice for your next big project. They carry the most premium quality items to ensure your project is completed to a high-quality, well-finished style. Woodcraft will work with you to determine what supplies will be the best fit for your project.

Learn more about Woodcraft of Boise

Woodcraft Boise

Phone: (208) 338-1190
Location: 7005 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID, 83709




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