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Poké Vibes Brings Hawaiian Tradition and Innovative Dishes to Boise, Idaho

Last updated August 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

Newly opened Poké Vibes is seriously delicious. Owner Jordan Tapangco opened Poké Vibes in June of 2020. Although a new business to the area, Tapangco has worked in the industry for a few years and is turning Poké Vibes into a new Totally Boise (and Treasure Valley) favorite.

What is a Poké Bowl?

Poké is diced raw fish that is served on a bed of rice and finished with delicious toppings. A traditional Hawaiian cuisine, it’s safe to say if you like sushi, you’ll love poké.

“If you were to define the word poké in Hawaiian, it really just means ‘to slice’ or ‘cut’ crosswise into pieces,” said Tapangco.

Totally Boise Recommends Poke Vibes

Making Poké Vibes A Family Tradition

Inspired by Hawaiian style poké, Tapangco uses his dad’s family recipes for classic meal options. Tapangco talks about how popular poké is in Hawaiian culture; he mentioned a popular grocery store, Foodland, which contains 10+ different styles of poké and is a huge source of originality for Poké Vibes. Tapangco doesn’t just make traditional poké, he steps it up a notch with his love for Hawaiian style poké being his inspiration.

“When it comes to poké, there are endless possibilities of combinations and recipes,” said Tapangco.

Hamachi, salmon, and yellowfin tuna are just some of the staple fish ingredients. Other menu items include chicken, tofu, and other varieties of raw fish. The shrimp and chicken are cooked in the smoker out back of the restaurant, giving them that perfect smoked Hawaiian twist.

House, Deluxe, and Custom Poké Bowls

Totally Boise loves that Poké Vibes also has a build-your-own-bowl option. Customers can customize any bowl to fit their taste. Totally Boise found the spicy tuna and crab was a dream combo. Include your favorite toppings like edamame, watermelon radish, jalapeno, or pineapple mixed with the Poké Vibe’s house sauce for added flavor. Bowls can be topped with Poké Vibe crunchies such as onions, jalapenos, wontons, or wasabi peas. Tapangco keeps things refreshing by offering daily poké bowls, some that may include special toppings such as coconut flakes and sweet peppers.

Totally Boise Recommends Poke Vibes

Raw Fish or Cooked Protein, You Get to Choose!

Tapangco’s passion for poké is expressed through the tasty, thoughtful menu. Not sure you’re the biggest fan of fish? Tapangco is sure the small cuts of raw fish mixed with everything in your bowl will be a good way to ease into bigger bites of real sushi. Raw fish still not floating your boat? Lucky for you, Poké Vibes has chicken, tofu, and other alternatives to add to your bowl!

While poké bowls are the main attraction at Poké Vibes, Tapangco has future plans to give customers more ways to eat poké. Keep a lookout for new, innovative menu items at Poké Vibes, by following their social media:

In the meantime, swing by and grab one of the delicious poké bowls.

Need a moment to figure out what you want before you go in? Check out their menu: View Menu

Phone: (986) 888-3907?
Location: 13601 W. McMillan Rd., #104, Boise, ID, 83713
Website: Visit Website




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