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Boise is Taking Bold Steps to Address Climate Change: Mayor McLean Announces a Climate Action Division

Last updated July 27, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

Last week, Boise Mayor Lauren McLean announced the formation of a Climate Action Division, a part of the Public Works Department. This is a way for the City of Boise to accelerate climate action, with the hopes that Boise will be recognized as a resilient city in the face of climate change.

“The formation of Boise’s first-ever Climate Action Division places climate solutions and innovation at the center of our efforts to create opportunity for everyone, take steps to ensure our community recovers economically, and prepares us for the future ahead”. - Mayor McLean

The City of Boise wants the community to be heavily involved in crafting solutions that reflect the energy, transportation, economic, and environmental values of residents and businesses. The Climate Action Division will seek innovative practices to create economic opportunity, ensure Boise leads and residents benefit. The plan will emphasize health and equity for all Boiseans as a focal point for developed actions and will include an environmental justice and health equity baseline report.

The team will be tasked with coordinating ongoing climate efforts including Boise’s Energy Future, which commits the city to 100% clean electricity by 2035. Efforts will include strategic water resource planning, the Transportation Action Plan, waste reduction, open space, and a forthcoming goal around methane and geothermal energy in the city.

Current Work and Future Efforts:


Target: 100% clean electricity for municipal operation by 2030 and 100% citywide clean electricity by 2035.

Current Actions: Geothermal, Solar, Net Zero Building, Boise’s Energy Future

Waste Reduction

Target: Reduce per capita waste sent to the landfill

Current Actions: Recycling, Composting, Plastics Challenge


Target: Maximize water renewal in alignment with citizen feedback

Current Actions: Water Renewal Planning, Pure Water Brew, Water Renewal Services, Dixie Drain

Open and Green Space

Target: Protect and preserve green and open space in Boise

Current Actions: Open Space, Open Space & Clean Water Levy, Expansion of Hillside to Hollow Reserve, Boise Greenbelt Celebration

Food Systems

Target: Increase local food production and security

Current Actions: Boise Urban Green School, Spaulding Ranch, Twenty Mile South Farm


Target: Prioritize alternative transportation modes and achieve a 10% reduction of drive alone trips by 2029.

Current Actions: Keep Boise Moving, Community Conversations on Transportation, State Street Project

Community in Action

Target: Continue to actively engage Boiseans for a better future

Current Actions: Livability Ambassadors, Environmental Education, Volunteer Opportunities, Giving Back

To learn more about the City of Boise and the Climate Action Division: City of Boise




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