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I Love Kickboxing Boise Excels During Pandemic

Last updated July 17, 2020 by Totally Boise

Boise’s I Love Kickboxing is round housing COVID-19 with their contactless workouts. The staff is not only invested in kickboxing, but in keeping everyone as safe as possible. At ILKB, virtual and in house workouts have no to limited contact.

Gyms have opened since the COVID-19 shutdown, however, with numbers still rising in Idaho, it may leave people not wanting to step into gyms quite yet. At Boise’s ILKB, social distancing is easy to maintain, making it a great option for a workout studio.

I Love Kickboxing

According to Healthline, kickboxing is great for cardio, muscle strengthening, balance weight loss, and mental health. At Boise’s ILKB, owners Jamie and Lee Engelking have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety of their staff and members.

Before COVID-19, ILKB already involved minimal contact, and now with even further precautions, the studio is practically contactless. Each member gets a bag with a taped square around it. Giving plenty of room for the workout, the tape ensures that everyone has their own space.

I Love Kickboxing

The first 15 minutes of the workout is intense. Starting with HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the instructors motivate their members throughout the process with positive reinforcement all while pushing their members to strive for the next step in their workout.

Once the longest 15 minutes of your life is over, the fun starts. 6 bag rounds last about 3 minutes each, where you’ll be instructed on different kicking and punching techniques all meant to raise your heart rate and strength. The build-up is what makes bag rounds fun, they start with the fundamentals and work up to more intense bag rounds.

I Love Kickboxing

Typically at the end of bag rounds, there are partner drills, however, due to wanting to keep staff and members safe, partner drills have been made contactless. For members who aren’t quite ready to step foot in the studio, live virtual classes have been provided for them to work out at home.

Getting to the gym is the biggest hurdle when signing up for a new workout class with the added pressure of maintaining social distance, finding one can be even more stressful. ILKB alleviates that added pressure. ILKB is a place for anyone and everyone to achieve their fitness goals while maintaining the current pandemic.

I Love Kickboxing




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