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My name is Dr. Jillaine with Mobile Chiropractic and Wellness where I bring chiropractic to you. Being mobile means that I bring my portable table directly to people’s homes, offices, fitness studios or wherever is convenient for them. I provide either 15 or 30 minute visits where we are spending time being very thorough and giving a high level of service to each individual.

What signs or symptoms would make people want to call you for services?

Some of the most commonly treated conditions are upper back and neck tension and tightness, as well as headaches which are often caused by sitting at a computer or doing a lot of work while seated. I also see people for low back pain or sciatic type complaints where they have got radiating pain or numbness down one leg or both. Those both respond really well to a combination of manual muscle work as well as chiropractic adjustments. Overall tension, stress, tightness, chronic ache and fatigue also respond really well to chiropractic care.

How do you treat your patients?

In my experience I have come to the realization that chiropractic care should be more than just an adjustment, so I try to spend as much time as possible treating the muscular side of things as well as the joint side of things. You really can’t have joint disfunction without having muscle involvement as well, so I like to spend as much time releasing tight muscles doing Graston or scraping type therapies as well as adjusting. I also like to talk about rehab or preventative type strategies with my patients to ensure that their condition does not return. Because of this, a visit with me is not your typical 5-minute in and out chiropractic treatment. I take the time to discover the root cause and develop a treatment strategy that addresses that.

Why is Mobile Chiropractic Wellness so convenient?

The reason that I have chosen to go mobile…there are a couple of answers to that question. First of all a typical chiropractic visit can be a little bit inconvenient. It usually involves having to ask for time off or taking time away from work. Then the patient is spending time sitting in traffic- if you’ve spent any time on Eagle Road you know how terrible that can be. Often you are also spending a lot of time in a waiting room or treatment room only to be left with maybe five minutes of face-to-face time with your provider. By me coming to directly to you I am eliminating a lot of those typical inconveniences and really just trying to provide a better level of service for my patients.

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Is there a reason you choose not to have long treatment plans?

My goal with every patient I treat is to get them feeling better as quickly as possible and get them weaned off of care as fast as possible. I don’t often prescribe long extended treatment plans. My treatment plans are usually anywhere from one visit a week or sometimes just once a month depending on each person’s particular needs. In my opinion a chiropractor should not only just adjust, but also treat the muscular side of things and as well as give someone what I call “homework” (sending them home with stretches and exercises). The combination of those things along with spending a little more quality time at each visit allows somebody to recover much more quickly and therefore they will need less care in the long run.

What kind of results have your patients seen?

By spending time with each of my patients to talk about preventative type strategies along with their chiropractic treatment my patients tend to feel stronger and more stable. When they are investing a little bit more time in rehabbing their low back or stretching and strengthening their neck and upper back, these types of things help to eliminate headaches, tension, and back pain. What I see is that my patients are able to hold adjustments for much longer and are not as dependent on me and can really extend time between treatments.

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What does a typical visit look like?

What you can expect when you schedule with me is that I will show up on time and I will be prepared with all of my tools needed for your visit. I will have my portable table that sets up very quickly and I don’t need a whole lot of space for that- typically a conference room, large office, or living room works well.

At our first visit I will perform a thorough exam and assessment to discover what is actually the root of your condition, and I will take the time to explain my findings and my recommended treatment plan. You will also receive your first treatment. This treatment can consist of muscle work, an adjustment, RockTape application, Graston or scraping, and a demonstration of recommended preventative exercises. Every subsequent treatment will likely be different depending upon a patient’s particular symptoms and presentation at that time. You will receive thorough and individualized care to meet your body’s specific needs.

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