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Uncover Boise’s Historic Charms with Callison Group Real Estate: How Every Boise Corner Tells a Story

Last updated June 17, 2024 by Totally Boise

Boise, Idaho—a city where the past blends with the present amid natural splendor and bustling energy. Here, historical neighborhoods are not just about nostalgia but are living, breathing spaces for us to enjoy. Find some of Boise’s greatest historical homes with Callison Group on their Historic Homes page! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up finding your dream home while you’re at it ;)

For now, learn and explore these quintessential Boise neighborhoods with Callison Group, your guide to finding a dream home steeped in history.


North End: A Tapestry of Time and Community

The North End, the heart of Boise's historic charm, is renowned for its Craftsman, Tudor, and Victorian homes under a canopy of mature trees. It's a hub of community spirit and architectural beauty. The neighborhood thrives with walkable streets leading to Hyde Park's quirky boutiques and cafes and the scenic trails of Camel’s Back Park offering panoramic views of the city. Close to downtown, this quiet neighborhood really is one-in-a-million. Dive into the past while enjoying modern conveniences in this beloved area.

Discover Nearby:

  • Hyde Perk Coffee House for a cozy start to your day
  • Camel’s Back Park for a hike with a view
  • 13th Street Pub and Grill for a hearty meal in a historic setting

Callison Group Properties in the North End:


Harrison Boulevard: Architectural Grandeur and Academic Vibes

This picturesque boulevard is lined with Colonial Revival and Prairie-style homes. Close to Downtown and the excitement and adventure of Bogus Basin, it's a locale of cultural richness and serene landscapes. As one of Boise’s first planned communities, this historic landmark is sure to bring the wow-factor with each and every home nestled upon it. 

Discover Nearby:

  • Hyde Park for a daily stroll
  • Downtown for all of your dining and entertainment needs
  • Big Bun Drive-In for classic American eats in a nostalgic setting
  • Bogus Basin for great skiing and outdoor fun

Callison Group Properties on Harrison Boulevard


South East Boise: Storied Streets and Cultural Gems

Blending historic allure with modern flair, the East End offers stately early 20th-century homes near the Boise River Greenbelt. Surrounded by nature, this neighborhood blends the indoors with the outdoors perfectly. Don’t miss the historical intrigue of the lush landscapes of Julia Davis Park, or the bubbling of the river, flowing nearly right through your backyard. With Downtown just a stone’s throw away, you truly have everything you need and more right at your fingertips.

Discover Nearby:

  • Barber Park for scenic river floats
  • Lucky 13 Pizza for a slice in scenic surroundings
  • Boise State University for some Campus walks

Callison Group Properties in South East Boise:


Warm Springs Avenue: Elegant Avenues and Thermal Wonders

If you know anything about Warm Springs Avenue, you know it’s a one-of-a-kind place. Famous for its geothermal hot springs that attracted early settlers, Warm Springs Avenue is lined with stately mansions reflecting late 19th-century elegance. The area is perfect for nature lovers, with the Boise River and foothills providing ample access to outdoor activities.

Discover Nearby:

  • Idaho Botanical Garden for beautiful flowers and outdoor concerts
  • The Greenbelt for a riverside bike ride
  • Table Rock for a hike with breathtaking city vistas
  • Barbacoa Grill for a fiery dining experience

Callison Group Properties on Warm Springs:


Depot Bench: Historic Views and Vibrant Living

Named for its proximity to the historic Union Pacific Depot, Depot Bench mixes mid-century charm with stunning city views. It’s a community with a pulse, close to downtown and the lush settings of Cassia Park. This area is truly up-and-coming, 

Discover Nearby:

  • Cassia Park for a family picnic
  • The STIL for a taste of some of Boise’s Best ice cream
  • Boise Depot for a sunset like no other

Callison Group Properties on the Bench


Each of these neighborhoods has its own unique story, inviting you to explore and make your own memories in Boise’s storied landscapes. Whether you're looking to settle down or just soak in the historical atmosphere, Boise’s historic districts offer a captivating mix of both past and present.




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