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Where to Shop for Locally Grown and Raised Ingredients in Boise

Last updated November 16, 2023 by Totally Boise

Boise, Idaho, isn't just known for its stunning landscapes and friendly folks; it's also a foodie's paradise! Local, fresh ingredients are the secret sauce to the city's culinary delights, and if you're eager to join the treasure hunt for these tasty treasures, here are some fabulous places to start:

  1. Boise Co-op: With twolocations in the Treasure Valley, the Boise Co-op is like the neighborhood's secret garden, filled with fresh, locally sourced goodies. They've got everything from organic veggies to artisanal cheese. Join the club and munch your way to foodie heaven!
  2. Reed's Dairy: If you're 'udderly' in love with dairy, Reed's Dairy is your dream destination. This locally-owned gem has both a storefront in Meridian and online delivery services! Milk, cheese, and ice cream are their specialties, but they do offer a number of other locally-made groceries through their delivery service.
  3. Lark and Larder: Tucked away in Boise's North End, Lark and Larder is a local secret to Idaho's finest foods. From local honey to handcrafted chocolates and unique spice blends, this cozy store is your one-stop shop for gourmet goodies.
  4. Capital City Public Market:The Capital City Public Market isn't just shopping; it's an event! Every Saturday, from April to December, local farmers, artisans, and food vendors come together to create a bustling marketplace. Fresh produce, delicious cheeses, and unique handcrafted goods make this the place to be.
    Capitol City Public Market
  5. Other Farmers' Markets in Boise: Boise's got several farmers' markets, each with its own personality. Check out the Boise Farmers Market and the Eagle Saturday Market for a farmer's fiesta. You can stock up on everything from fresh fruits and veggies to herbaceous wonders and homemade jams. Learn more about Boise’s Farmers’ Markets here:
    Farmers’ Markets in Boise
  6. Idaho Preferred: When you're on a quest for local flavors, don't forget to consult Idaho Preferred. They're your local foodie GPS, guiding you to the best sources of Idaho's homegrown goodies. Whether you're looking for restaurants that feature local ingredients or where to find Idaho's finest products, Idaho Preferred has you covered. Learn more about Idaho Preferred here:
    Idaho Preferred

Boise, Idaho, is a smorgasbord of locally sourced ingredients, and we want to help you navigate the food scene like a pro. Whether you're a home chef or love eating out, we know just where to go to find the flavors of the region.

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