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Boise Date Night Ideas for the Active Couple

Last updated May 22, 2023 by Totally Boise

Is it your turn to plan date night? Searching for something that is slightly more active than the traditional dinner and a movie? We are right there with ya! Plus, no one said a little healthy competition was bad for a relationship! Here are a few of our favorite activity-based date ideas around Boise that are sure to keep you and your partner on your toes.

Axe Throwing

Looking for an activity to really break out of your shell, axe throwing is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy some friendly competition with your significant other! Boise has a few different axe throwing venues that offer a fun and safe environment to try your hand at this unique sport.

For a totally unique experience, try Ragers Smash n Axe. This is the perfect date idea for couples who want to let off some steam and have a little fun. Try your hand at traditional target axe throwing, or enter a smash room where you can take a baseball bat to glassware and recycled electronics. We guarantee you’ll have a smashing good time!

Ragers Smash-N-Axe

Indoor Rock Climbing

Escape Rooms

For couples that are really looking for a challenge, consider visiting an escape room. Time to really see how well your partner picks up on clues and how flustered they get when it comes to solving puzzles. If you make it through this together, you relationship is going to be set-up for success. It's a great way to test your problem-solving skills while also having a blast with your partner.


We are pretty sure Boise is going to change it’s nickname from ‘The City of Trees’ to ‘The City of Golf.’ It’s true! Boise has so many golfing-themed activities, and the best part is, there is no need to be a Tiger Woods to have fun!

I mean, is there anything more classic than mini golf?! It’s year-round fun and the perfect balance between an active and laid back date idea. Head to Wahooz Family Fun Zone, Top Golf, or enjoy a beer at The Turn, found inside the newest Sockeye Brewing location while practicing your put-put. And if you and your partner are looking for something slightly more competitive, we recommend hittin’ up X-Golf, the home of indoor golf. Whatcha think? Ready to take a swing at it?



Indoor Rock Climbing

Want to take your relationship to new heights? Rock climbing is a great way to strengthen your bond, keep your relationship interesting, and practice encouragement. This activity is not for the weak. But really… Rock climbing may be a more physically demanding date option, but it’s a great way to challenge yourself, get some exercise, and enjoy some quality time with your partner. And you know we are always here to give our recommendations for our favorite spots! Check out The Commons Climbing Gym for a totally welcoming and community oriented climbing experience!

The Commons Climbing Gym

Commons Climbing Gym


Bowling is a classic and timeless date night activity that is sure to be a “Strike” with your partner. Boise and the surrounding areas have a few different bowling alleys to choose from, and they all offer a fun and social environment to enjoy some friendly competition. Whether you’re a bumper babe or a total striker on the lanes, you can never go wrong with this ultra-casual date night activity.

Paint and Sip

Okay, so if you want something active, but like not too active, try a paint and sip class! These classes offer a fun and social environment where you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer while impressing (or not so much) your partner by unleashing your inner Picasso. It's a great way to unwind, get creative, and inevitably have a good laugh. Head over to CHOW Public Market and Eatery for a quick bite and a beer, then finish your date at Paint ‘n Sip!

CHOW Public Market and Eatery

Boise truly has something for everyone, and every couple. So after you’re done trying all of these active date-nights, you’re surely going to be running back to Totally Bosie for date planning. And to that we say, here! Check out our HUGE list of Date Night Ideas from Across the Treasure Valley. And when you post those cute pics on Instagram, make sure you tag @totalllyboise so we can see what date night idea you tried out!




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