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Tedi Serge is the Realtor First-Time Homebuyers Want in Their Corner

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Living in the Treasure Valley is a blessing, and no one knows this more than Realtor® Tedi Serge. If you haven’t met Tedi yet, you will soon. She is always active in the community and loves to share her adventurous Boise lifestyle with others!

Tedi is passionate about helping first-time homebuyers score their first property; she says that “it is all about getting in the game.” But it is crucial to be adequately educated on the home buying process and what owning a home can mean for your future! Tedi believes in educating her clients on what to expect during their real estate journey.

The market has been HOT these past few years, especially in the Treasure Valley, and anyone who has attempted to buy a home knows that the road to real estate can be treacherous. But with Tedi behind the wheel, first-time buyers feel at ease and prepared for the journey ahead. Her clients rave that Tedi’s positive attitude makes a world of difference when it comes to buying a home.

What Kind of Home Are You Looking For? Tedi Can Help!

As we enter the finale of 2022, the market has softened, and more buyers are seeking a place to call home. Tedi’s advice: Decide what is important to you and your family! Is it the cost of the mortgage? Neighborhood schools? Lot size? Or perhaps the proximity to the Boise River Greenbelt? All valid considerations!

Okay, so after you make your checklist of property “must-haves,” it is time to make some hard decisions! A common question Tedi gets asked is: “New-build or pre-existing home?” Tedi encourages her clients to consider that there are several incentives to buy new construction homes right now. For example, builders offer a cash incentive to help you lower your interest rate. We like the sound of that; thanks for the heads up, Tedi!

But what if you’re looking for an older home with some charming character? Tedi suggests looking into whether or not the sellers have equity in the house that can be used to help with closing costs or further negotiations. Speaking of negotiations, this can be an essential part of a first-time buyer’s journey. Home buying negotiations are like a dance between the seller and the buyer. You want someone like Tedi, who is willing to step in and get the job done without spending too much time Waltzing around the deal.

How to Approach the Real Estate Market

With the right Realtor® in your corner, you can make magic happen. With housing prices starting to fall and money on the table from builders and home sellers, you will want to take advantage of your opportunity to score the home of your dreams.

Tedi urges her clients to think creatively! As other buyers are pulling out of the market, she says it is a pivotal time to lean in. Above all else, Tedi will take care of you every step of the way. She has strong professional connections in the real estate field and will connect you with the right loan officer to help make your dreams a reality. So stop daydreaming; Tedi is only a phone call away!

Why Boise? Tedi’s Top Four Reasons

Like you, Tedi was drawn to the Boise area for its community, opportunities, and breathtaking views. But if you’re still on the fence about where to settle down, Tedi shares her top four reasons to dwell in the City of Trees.

  1. The Boise River: From rafting to river surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming, the Boise River is the nucleus for endless summer fun. But the Boise river is not only attractive in the summer, during the winter you can always enjoy a cozy walk on the Greenbelt.
  2. The Community: The Boise community is flooding with helpful, loving, concerned, and kind people. There is no better place to start a new chapter of your life or to reinvent the one you already have.
  3. Safety: Let your nervous system take a breather! Boise is a safe space for families and singles alike.
  4. The Vibe: Idaho living is just better. It’s all about enjoying the outdoors and embracing nature. Whether you’re an avid snow skier or summer boater, the Idaho vibe encourages residents to slow down and take a break from fast-paced life. Just ask your new neighbors, they're probably heading out on a weekend adventure themselves!

If you are thinking about a move, contact Tedi today! It is time to set some goals for yourself to build generational wealth through real estate.

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